Etsy Hints

Since I’ve been selling on Etsy for almost two years, I thought I would share some helpful tips on how to run a successful store.

1 – Don’t list items you don’t actually have in stock.  Unless they are a custom order, but make sure that is CLEARLY NOTED all over the listing.

2 – If you are listing a custom order, include a timeline for shipping, and STICK TO IT.

3 – If you are already busy and backed up with shipping, DO NOT HAVE A SALE until you can complete your exsisting orders.

4 – Don’t advertise you’re sending free products of your ‘new’ items to random people where the people who paid for things you haven’t actually mailed yet can read.

5 – Don’t brag about having a sale to fund a vacation when you still have orders that havn’t been shipped.  That’s their money you’re spending.

6 – Don’t give buyers fake DC#’s and hope that tides them over until you can actually send their order.  If you don’t have  the product and need to wait to make some more, SAY SO.

7 – Don’t give sellers the run around about missing orders.  Be straight forward and honest and correct the problem.

8- Don’t promise free extras and then not mail those, too.  Follow up with your promises.

Follow these 8 simple rules, and I’m sure you won’t drive your customers mad to the point they have to file complaints with Paypal.


One Response to “Etsy Hints”

  1. I take it, from this, you handed it over to PayPal and never got your order?