Guess what I got today?  All the way from London, England in only 5 days time!!

It’s the Sleek Makeup Divine Eyeshadow palette in The Original!!

Oh my, it’s amazing.  I want them ALL now, and I’m going to see how to go about getting them.  This one I got from the eBay seller Linda’s Cosmetic Corner.  She was recommended by my friend Ana.

I wasn’t sure with colorway to get first.  So I went with this one, just to see if they were all that I’d been hearing about.  And oh.  Oh yes, they are!!

The colors are vibrant and the shadow it’s self is almost creamy.  I want to say buttery they are so soft.  They blend really well and these swatches will not seem to come off my hand, so I know they stay forever.

I’m a total Anglophile.  I actually lived in London for a year after High School.  I lived in Bloomsbury and hung out at a little pub called The Swan and wrote poetry and went through e proper British punk phase.  So getting my hands on this palette was brilliant.


3 Responses to “Divine”

  1. Haha, I’m thrilled for you. I adore the Original palette – did you see the Acid palette swatches I have on my blog? Ooh, it’s so bright.

    I love Original though because they do shimmer really well, as well as Urban Decay shadows, methinks. I also like that every palette comes with a matte black, very handy, and a nice big adjustable mirror lid.

    I have them all apart from Jewel now, which I need to track down.

  2. Storm, Chaos and Original are the three permanents.

    Jewel, Safari and Acid are limited edition. Acid is very hard to find now, as is Jewel, but Safari should still be in the shops. I was surprised by how much I like my Safari since I tend to shy away from brown, but it has a lot of pretty metallics and a shimmery white I love so much I can already see the pan through.

    If you e-mail the same seller she might be able to find the others or let you know if she’s getting any in, I know she gets supplied directly from Sleek.