Let Me Kiss You

Morrissey in the morning is dangerous.  He leaves me incredibly optimistic and yet sort of grey.  For this look I picked a majority of grey for the outfit, with those hints of romantic pink peeking out.  This outfit has a lot of my personal signatures.  Something knit, something pink, a flower for in my hair, my iPhone (with which I have a deep personal relationship) and granny boots.  These might be suede, but I have some knock off that are man made.  I’m always usually wearing my black tunnels and some sort of bracelet.  Morrissey deserves diamonds.

Let Me Kiss You – Morrissey

Let Me Kiss You

I’ve zig-zagged all over America and I cannot find a safety haven.
Say, would you let me cry on your shoulder?
I’ve heard that you’ll try anything twice…

The makeup is lightly dramatic as well.  I picked a pink and grey smokey eye (sort of like this tut) and a light pink GLOSSY lip.

  • I used the Mac Mineralize Foundation in NC15 on my face, leaving it looking fresh and dewy.  I used a tad of the Mousse concealer before hand to even out a few weird areas.  But over all the face should be light and natural, so I didn’t use power.  I did use the Fallen Star highlighter on the highpoint, adding a little translucent glimmer.
  • For my eyes I started with the Painterly as a base and then used my Rimmer Eyeful pencil on the lid before using the G2 My Lullaby pink.
  • I used MAC’s Pandeminiun as my black/grey in the corner and smoked it out, blending with the Vanilla.  I also used the Crash as a brow highlight.
  • I lined my upper and my lower waterlines only in MAC’s Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, using Rimmel’s Sexy Curves on the top lashes and Two Faced Pin Point on the bottom, both in black.
  • For my lips I lined them in NYX’s lipliner in Flower, filling them in before topping it with Pinky Natural Gloss.
  • You could contour, although I typically don’t.  But I used a tiny bit of Mousse blush in Rose Petal on my checks to add a bit of a flush.  It is Morrissy.
  • For my nails I’m wearing Man Glaze in Fuggen Ugly, which is the matte grey.

From left to right : MAC Pandemonium, G2 My Lullaby, Maybelline Mouse in Rose Petal, NYX Gloss in 26 Pinky Natural, and G2 highlighter in Fallen Star.


3 Responses to “Let Me Kiss You”

  1. Those G2 swatches are stunning! I love that pink. Those boots are amazing, too, I wish I had a pair like that. I’d never be able to walk in ’em though :[

    New Sleek palette was released today! It’s my favourite so far, all shimmery and gorgeous colours. Swatches will go up soon.

  2. It’s called Curious! It’s soosososososososoSO pretty. I got one for me, picked up an extra for T.R., I would’ve picked up more but am broke.

    Linda hasn’t listed them yet but probably will, although I haven’t seen her with any Safari palettes. Worth shooting her an e-mail to see if she’s getting one, if not I can try and scrape together enough to grab one for you.

    I swatched it and stuff on my blog, go seeeeee.