Green With Envy

I only recently have been catching up on Pixiwoo’s video’s.  I just watched the “Slave” video by Nic, and I was all of a sudden in a green mood.  I don’t have much green at all, so I just wandered into my Rite Aid next to my local grocery store to see what I could find.

From left to right we have :

Prestige Eyeshadow single in C-225 Iguana.  It’s a more citrus green then I thought it would be, but it’s pretty.  Wearable.

Next to it is Wet & Wild Idol Eyes cream shadow pencil in 132 Envy.  I love my Idol Eyes in Pixie, O I thought this would be a good bet.  It’s creamy and will work perfect as the base.

Then we have Jesse’s Girl Baked Powder Eye Shadow in Golden Meadow.  It reminds me of MAC’s Mineralize line, but this isn’t as pigmented.  I do really like this color, though.

Next to that is Prestige Let Loose Shimmering Shadow Powder in Ps-03 in Show Off.  It’s such a pretty shimmery and light green.  I’m really impressed with this one.

Lastly is Jesse’s Girl Kohl Eyeliner in Mint Condition.  I was really hoping it was going to be a darker color, more true to the outside of the pencil.  It’s actually really light.  I might use it for my waterline, but I’ll need a darker shade for the liner.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the green’s I got.  No one shadow was over 3$, which was sort of my goal.  I’m going to try to wear the look with my substitutes tomorrow and see how it works.  I’ve been wearing an impromptu eye all afternoon and so far no creasing or anything!  More to come!


One Response to “Green With Envy”

  1. I want that mint condition pencil! I love mint greens >: