I have issues.

I went looking for that darker green eyeliner I mentioned wanting yesterday.  I did not get it because instead I found all this stuff.

Actually.  I forgot I even went IN for a green eyeliner.  I’m going to send the one I got yesterday to Ana.  But this was my haul for today.  I loved the way the Jesse’s Girl Baked Mineral Eye Shadow looked over the Wet & Wild Icon Eyes, so I got a few more sets.

Top to bottom, left to right is:

Jesse’s Girl Cream Eyeshadow in Black.  I don’t really see a color name or number on this.  Huh.  Anyway.  Then we have Prestige Eye Singles in c-205 Amethyst and c-192 Big Sky.  Next to that is Prestige Eyeliner in E-20 Midnight and E-72 Wine.  I do NOT like these, they are hard and tug and ug.

Next row is the Jesse’s Girl Baked Powser Shadows in Moonbeam, Skywalker (which shattered the moment I opened it), Terra Bronze, and Cherry Blossom.

On the bottom is the Icon Eyes in 131 Electro and 133 Techno.

I also managed to track down a Jemma Kid i-conic eyes pencil liner in Rock Chic, but I’ll blog about that later 🙂


2 Responses to “I have issues.”

  1. You’re the best!

    Since green is my favourite colour, I have absolutely no shortage of green eyeliner pencils. I’ll swatch the ones I have for you, and if you like any, I’ll send you one when I get paid on Friday :]

    I know I have three nice shades from GOSH in my drawer – a bright lime green, a medium grass green, and a dark bottle green. All soft enough for the waterline, although darker colours show up more.

  2. Oh, if you’re *really* into green, I can swatch my green eyeshadows for you. Be warned, I have many.