After my huge Ulta let down yesterday, I was sort of not really looking forward to my E.L.F. order as much.  If Ulta was crap, what would that stuff be like?

It would be FABULOUS, that’s what.  Ug, I am so amazed at how much better it is then I assumed it would be.  I admit, I would never have ordered at all if Pixiwoo hadn’t used it in her Kate Moss tut.  She uses the Eyebrow Kit and then a liner and actually comments on how she likes it.  Sooooo, that’s good enough for me.

I used the code : carolina for 50% off orders up to 15$ total.  Which trust me, is enough.

Everything I got is wonderful.  And I do plan on reviewing a few of these items, but I was SO surprised I figured it needed a post of it’s own!!

** Yes, that is my arm and my boob in the mirror reflection.  Oops.


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