Ulta Anyone?


So, I’ve gotten a few messages telling me that the Ulta stuff isn’t really all that bad and I should give them a fair shot.

But instead, I’m going to offer the order, all unused, just swatched, as a giveaway.  You’ll receive everything in the picture, minus the bag (which I gave to a friend who OMGLOVEDIT) and the foundation.

To enter, simply post a number here from one to 250.  On August 27th (in one week) I’ll hit up the random number generator and who ever picks the number closest, gets it all!!

******* I’m going to extend this a few more days and YES! I will ship internationally!!


4 Responses to “Ulta Anyone?”

  1. Ho hum, I shall pick 71.

  2. So I just came across your blog from makeupgeek and I must say it’s pretty feckin awesome….
    anywho, I pick the number 13

  3. I will chooseeee…. 101!!