Well, if that’s what you REALLY want…

I asked my one cousin what she wanted for her birthday.  I have a HUGE family, but I always try to make my closest cousins something for their birthdays and for Christmas.

She said to me, “I would really love a little cosmetic pouch for in my purse.  Maybe something Spongebob…” and that’s where she lost me.  Who what what Pants?  Then she explained, her and her husband have sort of a joke about it, since she’s studying Fisheries at MSU.  Ok, so I get it.

This is what I came up with for her.

Because the bag was ridiculously easy to make, I included three nail polishes in matching colors, China Glaze Solar Power and Thataway and Finger Paints Calligraphic Calico.  I slipped in some ELF brushes I’d just received.  For a buck a piece, I ordered a dozen for occasions like this.  Then I custom blended a G2 shadow for her, it’s a goldeny peachy color called 5am.

As soon as I find a place to order zippers at a more reasonable price I’m going to start making and selling these bags as custom orders!!


3 Responses to “Well, if that’s what you REALLY want…”

  1. I was just about to say – you MAKE bags, too?! That would be a wonderful thing to add to G2, especially a package of one custom bag filled with up to X number of pigments and G2 goodies.

    I’m definitely going to order a great many little make-up bags from you! Oh oh I want ones with Mario on and ones with pandas on and ones with kittens and muffins and cupcakes and toast and *____*

  2. Oh, it looks great, by the way. I love that the nailpolish colours you’ve picked match the whole Spongebob theme, I’m sure she’ll love it.

  3. Oh OH v2.0 you should look on Etsy for component materials, I found loads of silver chains and jewelery making stuff on there ridiculously cheap once, I bet someone does zips.