My Beauty Addiction – A Review

Poking around Etsy the other night I ran across this listing from My Beauty Addition.  I really love the concept of those little stackers, and I’m always willing to give a new company a try.

Reading the listing she states:

Many mineral eye products are only mica and will not adhere well to the skin. Our shadows are highly pigmented and have been formulated with premium base ingredients that will give excellent adhesion and all day wear.

Since I was curious, I was interested in what this ‘premium base’ was.

So I purchased one, picking the six colors I thought I would wear the most.  Her color charts ( 1 2 3 ) are amazing, she has a lot of interesting colors I was sort of excited about!!  My usual  seller, Mixology, doesn’t do brights, so I stuck to those, getting Snowflake, Party Girl, Viva Las Vegas, Hawaii, Passion, and Amethyst.

I was really disappointed to see that by ‘base‘ she meant ‘filler‘ which is all kaolin clay and ‘oxides’ are in eye shadows.  They are extenders that make a small amount of mica, or pigment, go a long way.  Which of course, means you do not get even CLOSE to the depth of color you see in the powder.  Mica itself of COURSE will stick, MAC Pigments have NO fillers and with a small amount of primer they are amazing to work with.

From left to right: Snowflake, Party Girl, Viva Las Vegas, Hawaii, Passion, and Amethyst.

The brights I THOUGHT I was getting are actually really nice pastel-ish shades.  I’ll use them, of course.  But it is disappointing that her colors are not accurate on her charts, which makes me think that’s probably why she’s not swatching them.

She has a lot of other really interesting products for sale, but not much feedback.  It usually wouldn’t discourage me, everyone has to start someplace, but I would be wary.  Knowing she cuts her products and makes some not so honest statements would make me wonder about the quality of her other items.  I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from trying her, but I think this is one seller I’m going to skip.

Would I purchase from MBA again? No.

  • Looking carefully at the listings it’s all certainly repackaged or relabeled goods.
  • The quality is very poor.

Overall : /5


5 Responses to “My Beauty Addiction – A Review”

  1. Those are the most inaccurate and unreliable colour representations I’ve ever seen. I think that would qualify as “significantly not as described”. Premium base my arse.

    • Big sigh. I know. I wish I would have read a little bit more. But I saw the OH SO PRETTY SHINY COLORS and yeah… got a little too excited.

  2. Just thought i’d pop by… Actually, some mica by iteslef does not adhere to skin as nicely as some with a base. (filler, whatever, but as long as it isn’t bismuth oychloride or talc, I’m welcoming that) though having fillers kinda tones down a color. Etsy shops, well, half of them re-sell packed micas from tkb/cs, and I’m not happy about it either. Etsy had ignored my request. (First, I emailed them about this, they emailed me back; then when i actually get to the point, they did not) Mac, by iteself is good, but I still need base for it to stick. but I like online mineral makeup better.-some of the self-created shadows are better than MAC

    On etsy it’s full of misleading photos. it’s up to us to buy it, and if I don’t like it, it’s a no buy for me. At least from the picture, it looks like they made them herself. Nice blog 🙂

    • I realize there is a difference between a base and a filler, but she was just packing her stuff with fillers.


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