Glow or Afterglow?

In my latest order from Mixology I ordered something called Afterglow.   I just want to reiterate I am not a Twilight fan, but the idea of radiant skin is what I was looking for.  So it was the right concept.

Afterglow Mineral Veil gives off the soft glow of candlelight for the “dew” effect, it is a translucent mineral suitable for all shades and skin tones. Get the Cullen pearlesent glow depending on how much you use. You can wear under foundation to smooth fine lines or over foundation to help set your look.

I wanted to compare it to something I had ordered a couple of weeks ago called Glow, from The All Natural Face.

Glow is a shade can suit a mulitude of skin tones. It can be used alone for a “glow”, as a light blusher, or on top of your foundation. It is a great color to give you that extra special “glow”.

Looking at them in the jars, it’s obvious that Glow is really pink compared to the pale Afterglow on the left.  I know that it’s meant to go on sheer and just leave a hint of color, so I didn’t hesitate to apply it.

I started by moisturizing my skin and using a light foundation.  I applied Glow first, to the right side of my face.  It has a bit of a glitter in it.  It’s not an all over shimmer, rather, just flecks.  Not exactly what I wanted, but I liked it.

Then I put the Afterglow on the left side of my face.  All of a sudden the Glow side was obviously all pink, like I was walking up a million flights of stairs.  Not so flattering.

However the Afterglow did what it claimed.  It was dewy, even being a  powder.  It’s not matte, it’s not shimmery either, and there isn’t any sparkle in it either.  It’s a lovely soft focus color.  I started out with what ended up being WAY too much on my brush.  A little goes a long way, I had to buff it quite a bit.  I’ve never seen a Cullen, but I do like the effect Afterglow gives me.  It’s good for every day.

Glow is proabably a better choice as a ‘light blush’ rather then an all over face powder.

Both are lovely.  Both are quality products.  I will use both.  Afterglow will end up my daily finishing powder until I can try some MAC Mineralize SkinFinish, and Glow will make a very subtle blusher.

From left to right : Afterglow by Mixology, and Glow by The All Natural Face


5 Responses to “Glow or Afterglow?”

  1. I have a sample of that Glow, too. Afterglow sounds nice though, I might have to try it. Atm I use silica powder for a diffused look.

  2. Pure silica powder is what Make Up For Ever sell as their HD Finishing powder. It works like any mineral veil, it sorta blurs in, reduces shine and hides my pores a bit.

    You can buy it for like $3 an ounce at places like Coastal Scents and TKB.

    • I have the MUFE stuff. I’m not a crazy huge fan as much as I used to be. It leaves my skin a bit too dry.


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