Bargain Shopper!!

There have been a few things I’ve been wanting to try.  Things that are normally just a smidgen outside my budget.

I’ve recently been cleaning out some of my old craft stuff, stuff I’ve moved a million times and never used.  The result is more room in the closets and more spending money in my Paypal account.

The first thing I found was Pixi’s Illuminating Tint and Conceal.  They sell it at my local Target for 35$, and I saw it recently used in a Pixiwoo video.  So of course, it only reinforced the fact I was anxious to try it.  For those of you playing along at home, I’ve been looking for an ‘illuminating’ foundation for a while.  She currently has ten more in stock for a THIRD of the price of retail.  Mine arrived yesterday in Light Glow and even though in the super hot oven like conditions of my So Cal mailbox, it arrived in good condition, very well packaged.  The little ball of concealer on the bottom was sweating a little, but I got it out in time that it didn’t melt.

I love this stuff.  I just ordered two more, one in Bare Glow, which is the next darker shade, and another in Light.  It has an SPF and moisturizes and suits my needs perfectly.  I am really really happy with it.

Next I found a Lord & Berry Waterproof Smudgeproof Eyeliner.  Ordering one of these buggers from a shop online is usually SO expensive.  And finding the ones you sharpen versus the ones you twist up is also tricky.  I got mine in black for just over five bucks including shipping.  It FAR surpasses my Urban Decay 24/7 pencil as well as my MUFE Auqaliner in performance.  It doesn’t migrate or smudge or disappear.  It’s nice and deep hours after I apply it.

I also finally broke down and bought a Kryolan Aquacolor Eyeshadow Palette.  A few local places want 45$ for them, and when I caught them in Amy’s eBay shop, I got one.  I shop her Etsy shop often, but this was the first purchase from her from eBay.  My second was the next day buying a few Eyeshadow Cream Bases.  This one, in Anthracite is great for my smokey days.  It’s a bit sticky, so all the mica and pigments I love to use just stick like GLUE.  It’s also a perfect excuse to use more of my microfine glitters.

I also got a great deal on some Ben Nye Liquiset.  I actually got the 4oz. one after I ordered the 2oz one.  I just emailed them and asked them if they could bill me the difference and they switched my order no problems what so ever.  I use it with my G2 pigments to create eyeliners and more dramatic shapes on my lids.

If you haven’t been around eBay in  a while, give it a search.


2 Responses to “Bargain Shopper!!”

  1. Ha! You’re so honest. I probably wouldn’t have told them about the mistake. That eyeliner sounds very promising – I’ve had a scout around but it would be cheaper for me to buy it from your seller, too, and have it shipped than to buy one here. House of Fraser have them at just £2 each but they’re only in one shade, called Ocean, which sounds very not-black.

    I’m saving up for GHDs though so it’s on my back burner. I’m incredibly jealous that you have kryolan stuff, damn you. I want to actually SEE these things on your face. EOTDs! I demand them!

    • I’m Catholic, I’m cursed with a guilt complex!!

      Eventually I want to post looks ON MY FACE. It’s on my list of things to do, but finding a custom banner and all that comes first…