Ok, so…

I was going to post a blog with a million pictures today, but my camera battery is dead and charging.  And now I’m losing light, so you’re getting this instead.

Last weekend I was reading reviews of mineral makeup sites, finding a nice list of them I wasn’t familiar with on someone’s site.  One of which I was smitten with right away was Aromaleigh.  She has such cute colors and OMG the best names, which I admit, I am a sucker for.  I was careful, reading her ingredients.  None of them SEEMED to be full of fillers.  I know she custom mixes, and I know she uses SOME binders, but not the cheap kaolin that most companies use.  That right away makes a product dull and chalky.

So I placed an order.  Sort of a healthy order.  That night  after reading a few more sites and finding a few color reviews, I placed another sort of healthy order for some colors I had seen on looks I was impressed with.

I never got a shipping notice, or anything beyond the ‘we got your order’ email.  Even checking my account status I didn’t see it change that it was shipped.

Then yesterday I received the orders.  BOTH of them, shipped in the same flat rate box.  So I sent a little email saying, ‘Hey, I paid shipping twice, you sent it in one box instead of two orders, will I get a refund?’.

The reply I got back was less then polite.  It wasn’t RUDE but it implied HEAVILY that I was trying to scam them, trying to get TWO free products instead of one by placing two orders instead of one.  I was sort of shocked, since what actually happened was I BOUGHT MORE.  In fact, when I went back to look at my order, I DIDN’T get the second set of free samples I ordered.

So, while I do like the colors, this is going to be a hard product to review, since I am less then impressed with the customer service.  The reply was SO not friendly.  She stated she would, this one time ONLY, partially my shipping, but next time I should NOTE this was my second order and I shouldn’t get free items.

I would understand if I had spent the BARE minimum to have received a free gift.  But I went BEYOND that.  TWICE.

And then on top of that, the samples are so tiny, I was crazy disappointed.

Ok, so there will be ONE picture.  This is a comparison of Aromaleigh’s samples and a sample from TKB Trading.

I promise not to let the offsetting email color the way I review the products.  Because like I said, I ordered a lot more then I would have had I known…


4 Responses to “Ok, so…”

  1. I totally understand what you mean about the samples. I was so used to The She Space samples (which you get enough to almost fill a 3 gram jar for $0.50) that when I first got an Aromaleigh one, I was kind of shocked. Honestly though, I don’t think that ALL of their samples come with a teeny amount, but I did notice that the Rocks colors did.

    I’m pretty surprised that you got a rude email from them though! I’ve talked to them a few times regarding shipping or a messed up order and they have always been very nice to me. I know there is something on the site about making 2 orders within 24 hours and the freebies. I’m sure some d-bag just messed it up for them, I really wouldn’t take it too personally (even though if I were you, I prob would too).

    I have a pretty good amount of Aromaleigh swatches on my blog now, if you want to see some colors! (plus, ahem, I can make you some samples out of my full sizes, I never use up the whole things anyways!) Just lemme know!

    Ugh, ramble ramble! Sorry lol.

    • Wait till you see my review. I ordered a TON, I should NOT have gotten an email like that, no matter what the circumstances.

      I ended up ordering a full set of samples and about 8 or so more, plus the free ones. They were ALL small like that. Even the ones for the face, which really upset me. I would like to have worn them twice to be able to judge if they were going to work.

  2. Ugh, that sucks! I haven’t ordered face samples from them…I have a giant 30 gram jar from Everyday Minerals to finish up. I can’t believe even those are tiny?

    I hate bad customer service. I won’t order from Archetype again because of it.

  3. i ordered from aromaleigh last spring, and was just kind of ‘eh’ about it. what disappointed me the most was that the colors look MUCH brighter and MUCH different on the website as opposed to ‘real life,’ at least the ones that i ordered did. really pissed me off too because i needed those specific shades and tones as i was using them for a cosmetology school makeup competition and did not have the time (or patience) to order more. one of them was actually a completely different color in a container marked with the correct name of the color that i actually ordered (did that make sense-?). i will not be ordering from them again. besides, fyrinnae has my heart : )