02 – Mascara

Another way to use a mica is to make a custom mascara.

You will need :

~ One tube of clear mascara.

~ A generous amount of (pure) mica.  Dark or vivid colors work best.

~ A small scoop.

First, pop the inside out of the mascara, the part that sits just inside the rim of the tube that helps coat and remove the extra from the brush.  Sometimes you can just pull it out with a knife.

Then, pour in a generous amount of mica.  You need to add it a little bit at a time, using the wand to mix until you have it thoroughly saturated.  Keep adding and mixing until it’s well pigmented.  You can swatch it on the back of your hand to see.

And you’re done.

Pop the insert back in, and use.  You can also add certain darker shades to black mascara to get an all together different look.  Just keep in mind that most clear mascaras don’t have any lengthening or thickening ingredients, so you can use it OVER your normal mascara to add a pop of color.

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