I was planning on reviewing my Aromaleigh stuff today, but frankly, I’m still a little irked at the email I got.  So instead I’m going to post a picture of what I got, and then work on it slowly, instead of going through it in one day.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to get them all swatched and reviewed.

At what point of this order did they get the impression I was trying to scam free product?!

I ordered :

  • A full set of Gothic Lolita Samples
  • A full set of Bette Noir Samples
  • About a dozen various other samples
  • Clear Gloss
  • Eyeliner Sealant
  • Eye Cream in Immortal
  • Rocks Eye Shadows in Space Oddity, Still in Hollywood, Black Diamond, and Disintegration glitter.
  • Gothic Lolita in Wonderland
  • Eye Plush in Persian Kitten
  • Drama Teal and Drama Cocoa
  • Moon 100% Mica
  • Frost eye shadows in Foxglove, Baby, Marigold, and Desire
  • Lustre  eye shadows in Ophelia, Penelope, and Celeste
  • Elemental Lustre in Underworld
  • Matte eye shadows in Ebony, Eros, and Fawn

Over the next few days I’ll review them in sets, comparing the various finishes and colors.  I do like them, but I can say I’ll ever order from them again…


2 Responses to “Aromaleigh”

  1. !!!!! Yeah, no scam there! Holy crap that’s a LOT of stuff! Wow. Okay, I cave. That email was definitely uncalled for! Did you respond to her??

    From the stuff you got I have to tell you I love the eyeliner sealant, the clear gloss, still in hollywood and underworld. Underworld is amazingly beautiful.