Calypso Minerals – A Review

These posts were cut and pasted from a MB I was posting on at the time, asking for help.

July 17

I placed a sort of largish order on the 8th, since she was having a sale. I asked her to please send a revised invoice, since Etsy didn’t give the correct total with her new prices. She got back to me quickly, saying she’s have it to me that night.

It was the 11th before I heard from her again, only after I convoed her asking for my invoice. I paid. She said she’s ship my order out Monday, which would have been the 13th. I asked to please include certain other samples. I heard NOTHING back, I figured she’d shipped it out before she saw my new message.

She lives driving distance away, any order should be here by now. So yesterday I convoed her again. She had NO CLUE what my order was, but offered me some foundations and a kabuki to make up for the mistake.

Three minutes later she convos me back saying I ordered on the 12th (no, it was the 8th), she’s just processing these, but she supposes she’ll still send the extras since she said she would, even though she wasn’t late at all.

I’m not sure if she’s just THAT busy that she can’t keep track of my orders or the dates. But I’m growing concerned I might never SEE my products, and I spent well over 50$, which is a lot on non big name items.

Thing is, I want to go back and get another few colors I recently saw in a tutorial, and I’m afraid to repeat this experience.

Any advice?

July 18

Just a bit of an update.

She hasn’t replied to my last convo, but I did get a USPS shipping notice from Paypal saying she printed a label on the 17th, but it hasn’t actually been mailed yet.

I have been following her on Twitter, for what it’s worth.

I just think she runs her business slow.

July 21

am going to strongly advise against purchasing anything from this seller if you ever want to see your product.

On the 17th (nine days after my actual order was placed) she said she would mail out my items, and she did, in fact, print a shipping label. It’s the 21st and I got a convo from her again, finally. It totally ignored all the issues I confronted her with and all it said was she ‘forgot’ to mail me the extra foundations like she promised.

It didn’t mention the fact she never mailed my actual order in the first place. I called the USPS asking about the number provided and they said it’s never been shipped.

Following her Twitter I see she’s trying to send free new products to some Youtube Gurus, she’s having another sale, and she’s planning on taking a vacation this week. Yet she cannot fulfill her original orders or service her PAYING customers.

I normally never complain or get upset this easily, but I put a lot of faith and trust in her watching a few tutorials regarding her products. I guess what was failed to mention was they probably got their products for free and never had to deal with the customer service aspect.

She tells me about her puppies and her daughter and makes some sob story, so I placed another small order, basically trying to assure that shes has enough money to ship me my order.

August 15

I just wanted to update everyone.

I never got a thing from Calypso. She swore up and down she’d send another package and my second order. She promised so many extras. Even when the first package got ‘lost’ she was apologetic and upset for me, and CONTINUED to promise to get my order to me. She went so far as to refund my shipping, so I thought I would FINALLY get my eye shadows.

Friday the end of July I finally convoed a bit more of a strong message, asking for an update. She said she’d mail my order on Monday, FedExd second day, etc etc.

Come Wednesday of that next week, I still had nothing. I conved her again, and she SWORE she mailed it Monday.

I complained and said I wasn’t dealing with it anymore and finally got a refund from her for my first order, and yet she SWORE she wanted me to still have my second order out order and my extras. She promised she sent the order on Monday and she looked forward to me getting it.

So now I still have NOTHING, and I’m watching her send loads of freebies to people with popular blogs and ‘gurus’. She’s posted some neat new colors and products I would still LOVE to try, and I have NO faith in getting anything from her.

I cannot stress enough how poor her customer service (the lies, the false promises) is and I would suggest if you do order from her, you do so knowing it might take weeks to get your order, or not at all.


I’m still trying to get a response.  She closed her Etsy store, so I no longer have any recourse with them.  I filed a complaint just the same.

Many of other people have had the same experience.  Yet, she’s all over Twitter promoting her new colors and falling all over herself to send products to Guru’s who she knows will post reviews of her products, and yet ignores those who actually BUY them.

ETA:  It appears she didn’t ‘leave’ Etsy, she was kicked off.

Hi there,

We are sorry to report that after many attempts, Etsy has not received an update that indicates the seller has or will settle your transaction. Consequently, we have banned them from using Etsy or operating a shop on the site. We hope that you were able obtain a refund.

If you paid for your item(s) using PayPal, you may be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection Program:

You have 45 days from the time of purchase to file for a PayPal refund.

In some situations you may want to contact law enforcement. You can protect yourself and others by:

* Filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( ).
* Filing a report with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service ( ).
* Contacting a law enforcement agency in your location or the seller’s location.

Please let us know if there is anything more we can do for you.

Report filed on: Sept 10 2009
Transaction number: 17511216
Seller: CalypsoMineralBeauty (6037428)

Kind regards,
Etsy Support

Overall: 0/5

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18 Responses to “Calypso Minerals – A Review”

  1. I know that this is an older post but I figured I would let you know that I had the exact same issue. The difference being that I placed two orders two days apart because I figured that I’d go all in–I was so excited to try these. After many of the same issues (claiming my first package had been shipped three times and never getting any news about the second) and three months had passes I recieved my first package and was told that it would include my second order free. I never recieved the second order but did get a refund. I am glad that I found someone else with a similar experience–I thought I was alone on this one.

    • Check around, this is COMMON practice for her. Like I say, unless you’re a guru or someone making tutorials to promote her product (no matter how cheesy or horribly done they are) you’re not going to get much of your order from her.

  2. i ordered from her about the same time as the OP.
    she has done the same thing to me… i looked around on the internet after she has closed her esty store.
    a few gurus i watch have ordered and received their orders before i even got a reply email.
    i left a comment on one video, and she said she was concerned and said she has shipped several packages to me…
    never giving me a tracking number!! when i demanded one she gave me one that was no longer active! her website now is:

    and it includes a work number. i have called her 6 times now… 4 months later.and i will keep calling her and emailing until i get what i ordered.

  3. i really dont doubt that, i meant they can request certain things- even if they dont pay for them.
    so i called her yesterday and she said she sent me an email with the tracking info… i never got it and 36 hours later i sent her an email. she apologized and said she forgot to include the number… once again gave me a number. the thing is she said she sent my package on the 25th, but the usps number says the label was only printed on the 26th- so it hasn’t been picked up for sure.
    i mentioned that some youtube gurus have sought orders and received them before i did, as a paying customer. that was about 6 hours her emails she links her twitter, and i clicked on it. 5.5 hours after my first email she had an update about how people should mind their own business when she deals with gurus and how people always say the gurus get their stuff before customers. kinda shitty of her… but i apologized for mentioning it.
    we had a huge storm here today, so i bet i sounded short with her from trying to email on my phone- but seriously 5 months later????and i still dont know for sure if i will get what i ordered.
    i am very stubborn. she has until saturday, and i will ask for a refund.

    i called her twice today, no answer.

  4. def not cool. i am going to keep trying.

    • i have seen her complain on her twitter also. I was communicating with her on etsy about some colours I was interested in and I mentioned their similarity to TKB shades and she had a mini fit. And then next thing I know, there’s a post on her twitter about it! She was super nice before and then suddenly switched off and I never heard from her again!

      • ahahah you must have said they look like iron oxides…

        soooo….it has been 2 weeks from the moment she said she was going to send me my package, and nothing.
        i have emailed her 3 times… nothing.
        i called her number and it has been disconnected.
        she had her twitter up today saying she spent 8 hours getting organized… how about i organize her attitude???
        it is probably best i can not get ahold of her…i know i would be very terrible.
        i am filing at both places…the internet crime complaint center and usps inspection service.

  5. I ordered for the first time back in early April, and I bought the $80 rainbow stacker. It used to come with extra jars, lids, and a brush, as well as samples. I recieved my stack but nothing else after several convos asking where my order was. It took over 3 weeks. She was very nice about the missing items and sent them with a couple extra shadows, but it took almost 2 months, and several more convos on etsy. And this was long before the business boomed. I LOOOOOVE her makeup tho, so I ordered again a couple months ago, this time spending $100 on two stacks. I had to convo several times, continually having to tell her what I ordered, as she kept asking. She’s always very fast to respond tho. She gave me a $15 refund, and almost 4 weeks later, I got my stacks. She let me customize mine, which was very nice, but the order was wrong, even after I had convo’d and e-mailed several times because she kept losing/forgeting? the order. She sent me two mini stacks of each (which is extra product) and some other shadows for free for the inconvenienece, which was nice, but really, I’d just like what I order, in a timely manner! I always get shipping info from her, but just intent to ship info, not that the item has actually been shipped. She says this happens all the time, but I do tons of selling and buying online, and my experience is those tracking numbers accurately track packages. Sooo, instead of sending back the wrong product, I bought MORE product, the stuff I had originally ordered. I really thought it would come fast after both my other experiences with her shipping and sending the corrrect items had been terrrible. Again, I had to keep sending e-mails, she kept asking what I had ordered, and 3 more weeks later, I got it. Guess what? Still not correct. She did however, in the end pay 25 bucks to overnight it, and she gave me a free full size matte rainbow stacker, which I ended up LOVING, but dang. I know she’s trustworthy in the sense that she’s not going to take your money and not send your product, but I think she gets behind and loses orders, and doesn’t get them in the mail. She also said there were a few free items she would send (a few she knows are my favs) that didn’t make it either, and that she would give me a refund, which I didnt get. All of that would be a bit much for free, but why keep making the promises? I don’t have a problem with that, she sent me a free stacker! but it just shows there doesn’t seem to be any real tracking or organization on her end going on. I know stuff happens, but I’ve spent a lot of money on her makeup, and I’d think a special effort would be made just to get it to me quickly, nothing free, just correct and quick. I’m really disappointed with my experience this last time especially, because she kept making tons of diff. excuses and had to keep asking what I ordered, which made it obvious it hadn’t been mailed. I had ordered Sparks and didn’t get it, and I would like a few other colors, but I’m terrified to try again, because it’s SOOOO frustrating! I was going to do a vid when the missing items I ordered the second time arrived, as an extension to my vids of the stackers, but I’m unsure now, because I’ve seen soooo many other people with this same complaint, and I don’t want to complain on youtube, because I’ll probably still order from her, I love it that much, but on the flip side, my vids were made in September when I first placed the order I just recieved on Oct 30th.

    • wow… at least you got what you ordered- well some of it.

      she has now refused to contact me or answer emails/calls.

      she hasnt offered me a refund or anything.
      because i waited so long for everything, i got screwed.

      and i did make a complaint video on youtube with all my proof.

  6. After months and months and all the paper work and filing of stuff…She sent me what I ordered and also sent some extra. I got another stacker, the colored duo chromes, and 6 single eyeshadows.
    Am I happy?
    YES. It took time and many conversations with her, had to make some noise but I totally got what I ordered.
    It took many months… and lots of hard work.
    I probably will not order from her again, but I feel that I learned and she did too from this experience.

  7. I had the same experience with Jen at Calypso. 6 months later I am still without product and $83.50. This girl must have a book of excuses, including the one about her daughter dying! Over the top!!! I would never endorse her company. She has lied, and broken promise after promise to send out the paid for items. I have learned a very hard lesson. Be warned about Calypso!

  8. DestinysWhisper December 6, 2009 at 1:48 am

    This greatly concerns me as I placed an order over a month ago and have been experience the exact same problems with her. I will never buy from her again, I will buy from fyrinnae, heavenly naturals, and meow since they have wonderful customer service and turn around times.

  9. You know what? this site has been featured on xsparkage (which is famous for doing sent product reviews and other things…) I was tempted to try, but someone at MMT mmu section said calypso is a repacker, so I didn’t. I’m glad I did not… I feel sorry for you ; I hope your money back… a while back, a mmu seller was also kicked from etsy because he/she also doesn’t redpond to emails. I bought from this one and got my stuff; in teh end many people who didn’t get their products complained. Some sellers really need to get their acts together

  10. I hope everyone has been filing complaints against Jen from Calypso Minerals. People like this should NOT be out there selling…especially ONLINE where you never know what you’re getting until you buy from her and figure out she’s a fraud. And for goodness’ sake–OPEN CLAIMS on PayPal. Don’t let her rob you of your hard-earned money. If she stops responding to you, open a dispute and then escalate it to a claim via PayPal. Once the dispute becomes a claim the seller has only ten days to reply and if they don’t you get a refund of your money. I even called and asked about this and that is what I was told. I am like the rest of you who wish you knew about her unethical business practices BEFORE I ordered.

  11. I’m another person that Jen from Calypso has cheated. Excuse after excuse and then she stops all contact. Paypal said she never answered any of there emails either. At least I got my money refunded to me. This will not go on for ever, trust me. Paypal will shut her off soon. The word will get around and no one will order from her. She sends free makeup and screws the paying customers!!! How does this help her monitarily???? Pretty soon she will be broke. I quess the sooner the better!!!!!

  12. DON’T ORDER FROM CALYPSO MINERALS! I ordered back in August after watching Cora’s (Vintageortacky) video and was so excited. After getting the confirmation email, I never got anything else. I reported her to Etsy, which is why she’s not on there anymore. Here we are in January 2010 and still no Rainbow Stacker or my $100. I am furious with this woman, whom I’ve sent numerous emails and messaged on Facebook before she deleted me. Don’t let your other fans get scammed out of their money! JEN CROCKER kept my money and I got nothing but the run-around!