TKB Trading

Since I’m so in love with my little stacking mica sets, I wanted to order some empty jars for my personal blends.  After reading a few reviews, I placed an order at TKB Trading in the East Bay.

It was shipped quickly and I was FLOORED at how generous their $1.50 sample bags of mica were.

Huge compared to the Aromaleigh samples I also ordered.

I ended up ordering six samples, Travel to Neptune, Aquarius, Apple Blossom, Black Amethyst, Smokey XXX, and Moonstone.

They are lovely multifaceted colored and very finely milled.  I was very impressed with them. There have already been a dozen reviews proving that many Mineral Makeup companies are just repackaging these micas as ‘custom’ eye shadows, so I was fairly confident that I would be getting quality product.

There was more then enough product to fill three sets of stackers. I’m going to send one to a friend in Maine and keep one as a spare. I ordered enough stacking jars to create a few stacks of G2 colors, as well.

From left to right : G2 Dusks, G2 Naturals, G2 Pinks, and the stack from TKB.


2 Responses to “TKB Trading”

  1. Apple blossom looks really pretty! Stacking seems like a really good idea…saves a LOT of space that way while still being able to see the colors!

    You make the best colors! Do you use TKB’s to mix them?

    • Actually I don’t. I only JUST discovered TKB, I have a local supplier here that I get my mica from. I’ve tried to order a few things from TKB to ‘match’ some of the stuff I get now, but so far nothings been close enough to sub in my own blends.