Aromaleigh – Part One, Finishes

One of the first things I added to my cart when I was shopping the Aromaleigh site was You’re A Doll Metamorphosis Finishing Powder. I’m always looking for a nice finishing powder and I’m doing my best to avoid MAC.  At least until the 24th.

* Metamorphosis Finishing Powder… An otherworld-ly veil of transparency. This delicately odd greyish-green finishing powder imparts a metamorphosis to your skin when used as a finishing powder. A soft halo with a subtle glimmer of the tiniest twinkle when you turn your head. Frame your face in fairy-like porcelain soft-focus sheen. Use a little, or use a lot. It’s your fantasy.

I was intrigued.  Anything soft focus immediately gets my attention, and of course I read the ingredients.

(It contains carmine. Which is bug juice, and I hate hate hate that.  In the greater scale of things, it’s not honey or bees wax, which I find a more offensive ingredient.  I realize  it’s sort of hypocritical of me to pick and chose what bug it is or is not ok to sacrifice for beauty, but baby steps.)

It wasn’t anything I could figure out how to mix myself since it was as vague as possible.   When it arrived it was one of the first things I opened and true enough, it’s an odd greyish green shade.  When using a paddle brush to apply it,it blends incredibly easily and is stunning.  My skin sometimes tends towards a pink undertone, especially if I’ve been outside even slathered in SPF.  The tint of it counteracts that and truly does make almost a doll like finish.

I put it on over my Smashbox tinted moisturizer yesterday morning and then headed up to LA to shop and eat and do my ‘thang.  It stayed put, setting my face all day, even in the smoke and heat.  It’s not all that sparkly that I noticed it getting odd looks in the middle of the day, but, well, people have other reasons to look at me funny anyway.

The second item I added was another finishing powder.  Their Luminescence Divine Finishing Powder comes in three shades.  Cherub, for fair skin, Angel for mid tones, and Seraph for darker skin.

Luminesce Divine is a neutral and translucent, sheer, loose mineral cosmetic finishing powder that gives your skin more of a dewy glow than our very gentle, subtly glowing “Illuminator” but not as much as our “Perlé” powders, which are typically used as highlighting or spot-treatments for certain areas of the face.

I only ordered a small jar sample in Cherub, since I was already getting the full sized Metamorphosis.  They recommend a light hand, and they mean it.  It’s almost opaquely white.  I haven’t had a chance to wear it all day yet, but since the ingredients are similar, I assume the wear will be similar as well.

From left to right : Cherub and Metamorphosis

If I were to order from them again (which I will not), I might try one of their Twilight powders.  As much as I disdain anything riding the Twilight wave, these seem to have potential.  They contain silica, which although you could add yourself to any other finishing powder, the fact she has three versions of it that interests me.

I am, over all, impressed with their face powders.


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