Aromaleigh – Part Two, Rocks! Sonic Shadows

I had such high hopes for these bright and intense colors!!  I ordered full sizes of Still In Hollywood, Black Diamonds, and Space Oddity.  I also got samples of Just Like Heaven, Planet Earth, Moonage Daydream, and I See Red.

Opening them, I was so pleased that the colors looked just as bright and true to the website images.  Swatching them right away they felt chalky.  A lot of mineral shadows go on smooth, almost creamy.  These have an obvious chalkiness to them.  However, the colors are just as true swatched on the back of my hand.  That rarely happens when I run across a chalky eye color.

From left to right, top to bottom : Still In Hollywood, Black Diamonds, Space Oddity

Just Like Heaven, Planet Earth, Moonage Daydream, and I See Red

Still in Hollywood- Rich, dark amethyst purple with sparks of gold and copper throughout!

I love this color.  The sparkles are more integrated into the color and act as almost a duochrome shimmer.

Black Diamond: black base accented by a sparkling borealis of pastel colors. sealant/base recommended.

The shadow base on this is more finly milled, and the glitter seems to stay put on this shadow better then on the blue.  It’s still really chalky after it’s applied, so you have to be very light with the application, it transfers rather easily if you’re not careful.

Just Like Heaven: clear, shimmering cool green with bright sparks. blacklight reactive. sealant/base recommended.

I love this one, too.  I’m not a teal or an aqua person, but it was the name that caught my attention.  It’s about the LAST color I’d think of when thinking of The Cure, but it’s fairly a good color for the song.  Even though the sample was tiny, I’m going to wear this as often as possible.

Planet Earth: subtly shimmering intense primary blue with pink sparkles.

The pink sparkles really make this color dimensional.  With a light pink highlight and blened correctly over the lid, this would make a stunning and not too subtle look.

Moonage Daydream: exquisite deep teal blue with gold shimmer.

I love love this one.  I was surprised.  I was interested in seeing it in person because of the gold unertone, and it would make the perfect deep shade of a smokey eye.  It’s very intense.

I See Red: intense true red with red and silver glitz.

This one was chalky again, so the glittery bits fell away easily.  The remaining red color is really pretty, though.  I’m not sure I can wear it JUST as a red.

Still in Hollywood, Black Diamonds, and Space Oddity

I really wish I had gotten a more polite, less accusatory response to my email when I contacted them.  If I wasn’t so upset about their customer service I might be inclined to purchase some more of these Sonic colors.  While they do have the tendency to be chalky, they are true to their color and definitely stay in place.  One thing I cannot comment on is their blend-ability.  Seems like you might have to work a bit because the shades are so intense, but the end results would be worth it.


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