03 – Lipglass

There are four different lip products I’m going to show you how to create with mica.  Let’s start with the simplest one first.  I was just amazed at how easy it was to make lip gloss with the Aromaleigh Jojoba Lipgloss* base.

You will need :

  • One set of four 5 gram jars.
  • Four pure micas of your choice.  I used G2’s We All Dance and Strip for Me and TKB Trading’s Black Amethyst and Red Sparks.
  • A small scoop.
  • A few toothpicks.
  • The jojoba base.  I used almost 3/4 of the jar to make four different colors.  There is enough left for about two maybe three more jars.

Aromaleigh describes the jojoba base as follows :

This is a cushy, glossy gloss base- similar in texture and finish to MAC Lipglass. It’s a jojoba gloss that consists of jojoba oil encased in polymers- allowing a gloss that has amazing wear and gloss, but with primarily natural ingredients. You can gently heat it and add other base oils, such as meadowfoam or sweet almond oil to make it less viscous.

We’re going to use it as is.

First, carefully scoop out enough gloss to fill one of your jars about 3/4 of the way.  We need to leave room for the pigment and to mix.

This process is a little tricky because the gloss is VERY sticky.  It is EXACTLY like MAC Lipglass.  I used an antique Iced Tea Stir that I got from my grandparents collection.  The gloss will wash off of whatever you use, so you don’t have to worry.

Then, add a few small scoops of the mica on top.  I used the decorative ball end of  my silverware.

This is G2 We All Dance, a bubblegum glittery pink.

You don’t want to add too much at once.  For a lighter color, just a bit will do, but if you want a VERY dark or pigmented gloss, add more after stiring the first bit, adding and stiring until you’re pleased.

Stir the gloss gently with the end of a toothpick, being careful not to get the gloss on the rim or to poof the mica out.

And you’re done.

Repeat the process again with the remaining colors you wish to use.  I find that once I start working with the gloss, it’s easiest to just mix all my colors at once while my equipment is out and my stuff is already sticky.

For the Black Amethyst I used quite a bit more pigment then I did in the bright pink gloss above.  I wanted the pink to be somewhat sheer.  But adding more, you can get a bit more of an opaque gloss.

G2 Strip for Me

G2’s Strip For Me pure pigment color is already a sheer nudey pink with just a hint of shimmer.  This makes the perfect neutral and everyday gloss.  I used more then in the pink and less then in the purple, since I was working with a lighter color mica, I needed just a bit more of the pigment.

I was working with stackable jars which I ordered from TKB, so when I was done, I screwed them all together to have one tube of four different lipglass colors!

From left to right : Red Sparks, Strip For Me, We All Dance, and Black Amethyst.

* The Jojoba Lip Base is currently on sale at Aromaleigh and today is the last day to use the code VIRGO20 for 20% off of your order.


8 Responses to “03 – Lipglass”

  1. you should check out the versagel you can now get at TKB. it used to be hard to get a hold off but not tkb have it, also just like mac lipglass, I like to stir in some castor oil to make it less sticky.


  2. actually if you look at the ingredients of aromaleighs base and the versagel ingredients, they’re the same except aromaleigh has the jojoba oil. which as I mentioned earlier, I use castor oil, so technically it comes to the same thing, the aromaleigh base is just versagel with a bit of jojoba oil stirred in.

  3. hehe. great minds think alike i guess!

  4. I came across your site during my search for reviews on tkb trading… and i have to say this: I love it. You i love the research you do on products that are all the rage right now.. its unique and adorable.. keep it up girl.. you have a fan all the way in brooklyn :)…

    Can i ask you this: what colors(from tkb) do you recommend for some one like myself with darker skin tone? Im trying to get away from my safe colors which are basically in the gold family

    • Thanks so much 🙂

      As for colors, I would honestly have no idea. I’m not a MUA, so I’m clueless as to what works on other people. As for what works on me, I just go with everything and anything, so again, no expertise required!



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