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I realize I haven’t even reviewed a fourth of my original order.  I was talking with a friend and she suggested a swap.  She had a few Aromaleigh colors she’d purchased and ended up not using and wanted to swap for a few G2 things.  She sent Peony Mica, Viva Le Rock, Helter Skelter, and Shadow Play from the Sonic! Rock collection as well as Torment, an Elemental Lustre.

From left to right, top to bottom: Peony, Vive Le Rock, Helter Skelter, Shadow Play, and Torment

Peony- A vibrant fuschia/red with fine shimmer.

I’m pretty sure this is actually the pigment that Vive Le Rock is blended from.  Very pretty.

Vive le Rock: shocking hot pink red with tons of aurora shimmer. sealant/base recommended.

I love this color.  I’m wearing it today with some black liner cat eyed and it’s very vibrant.  Very glittery and yet wearable.

Helter Skelter: our most intense, pigmented earth-shattering red accented with red shimmer. wicked.

This shadow is SO gritty it’s almost irritating on my lid.  The color is pretty intense, but it feels like it has little rocks in it.  I was hoping it was less ‘eek’ then the I See Red I had a sample of, but it’s still just a little off.  I love the color, but it will have to be worn foiled, loose it’s too prickly.

Shadow Play: teal green iridescent glitz fades to the blackest black.

My favorite thing to do when wearing a smokey eye is to use a base with that hint of teal.  Teal is slowly becoming one of my favorite colors to wear, it accents with my bright pink hair marvelously.  Although you can’t see it too well from the angle on the swatch, it’s got an amazing  POP of teal.  I really like these dark glittery shades of hers.  I also have a sample of London Dungeon that’s like this, but with the purple pop.  Both favorites.

Torment: Deep, vivid burgundy with smoke undertones. This color in person can only be described as wicked

Although it would seem Torment is a burgandy color, my swatch is reallybrown.  I was hoping for that more vibrant ‘vivid’ color described.  This one is a real miss colorwise, but the shadow it’s self is interesting.

The decsription for the Elemental Lustres is as follows :

Each eyeshadow is crafted from lustrous shades which are actual copper, bronze and aluminum powders. Definitely not your average minerals!!! The effects are rich, elegant and simply devastating! You’ll find that these amazing pigments are nothing like traditional mica “mineral” pigments… and you’ll be hooked on our new “Elemental Lustres” line! Advanced encapsulation technology makes it possible for the gorgeous mirror shine of these elemental metals to be captured and preserved within silica. These cosmetic grade metallic powders are produced for cosmetic use and are FDA approved for cosmetic use. The metals in the pigments are encapsulated. These pigments are of a micron size that is not able to be absorbed by the body.

Although it does sort of say the same thing twice, the shadow itself is really unique.  I have a few shades, and I’m not sure any of them are actually very close to the description.  I should review the rest of those tomorrow!!


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