An Ode to Customer Service

Recently, I had two experiences that I would call less then stellar.  You know about them because I have no issues with speaking my mind.  After my recent and unresolved problem from a well known Etsy seller, I’d felt that for some problems there might be no resolution other then to vent on my blog and to let other’s know.

One such issue I had was with My Beauty Addiction.  You can read my original post here. I had high expectations, and was slightly disappointed.  I was contacted by that Etsy seller not too long after wards.  She expressed concerns at my review and was upset I had had such a negative experience.  After a few back and forth emails, she generously offered to send me a few samples of her products, as well as the base pigments the shadows I ordered were blended from.  I’d also like to admit I apologized for suggesting she was deceptive.  Turns out she was using swatches from her supplier, rather then ones from her finished product.  I explained to her that I was really disappointed the shades were so different.  Sherrie, the owner of My Beauty Addiction, has now undertaken the monumental task of rephotographing her products to make them more accurate in her shop.  I applaud this.

The samples she sent arrived today.

I hope to review these items a bit more in depth later this week, but I wanted to post a picture of Viva Las Vegas, the shadow I was most upset about.

The left swatch is the original shadow I purchased, the center the pure pigment, and the right is the same shadow pressed.  (I have to admit, I am impressed she sells all her colors pressed as well as loose.)  You can see a bit more what I was talking about vivid wise.

I have been using my original purchase, the purples are just amazing (although not vivid) and work very well together.

So while I was originally unhappy, I would now have to say that Sherrie went above and beyond with her customer service.  I admit, I didn’t leave any feedback because of my previous experience, nor did I contact her, since my experience in the past was that nothing came of it.  But she did her best to make things right, contacting ME.  In the future I would have no problems at all recommending My Beauty Addiction.  In fact, I might be more then a little addicted to the Coconut Lime Body Frosting she sent!

Another customer service issue I would like to address was my not so nice response regarding my order and shipping from Aromaleigh. Apparently one of my readers (I have a guess who) contacted her regarding my post.  While I stand by the fact that I did feel insulted by it, she recently emailed me and apologized, suggesting her wording wasn’t quite right.  Kristen took the time to write a rather lengthy apology and response, explaining the companies policy, some of it’s history, and also touched on some of the other issues I was upset with.

I certainly did NOT expect to hear from her at all after the original email.

I placed another order the night I heard from her.  I have to admit, she has some AMAZING products, and I just got some of her new Les Papillon colors and one of the now retired Hot In the City colors and I am nothing short of impressed.

As I explained to Kristen, there are dozens of ‘mineral makeup’ companies I can give my money to.  I only ask that the ones I do appreciate that those are my hard earned dollars.

Customer service shouldn’t be an ‘extra’, it should be a requirement. These two companies have shown nothing less then stellar and honest* service.

* Unlike some mineral companies that either avoid your emails and lie about shipping orders, or others who just repackage and cover it all with good PR and then avoid replying again.


2 Responses to “An Ode to Customer Service”

  1. That’s great to hear! Nice of My Beauty Addiction to re-photograph all her swatches, I can’t think of many who’d bother to do that, and she tracked you down, too.

    Looking at someone like her who goes to the effort of tracking you down and making things right makes me think even worse of Calypso minerals – instead of sorting stuff out with her customers she’s remedied her bad feedback by saying “look it’s not my fault, I’m too busy, look at my better feedback earlier on” and if Mariella’s experience is any judge (three weeks and counting since she ordered) she still hasn’t bothered to start shipping customers their products.

    I’m glad that Aromaleigh sorted things out, too, given how highly Phyrra speaks of them I’d thought it was unusual, and it’s especially sad to be let down by service if a company make products you really like – I won’t shop from Fyrinnae for that reason even though I’d probably like their eyeshadows. Who do you think it was?

    I felt a bit freaked out when the owner of Beauty from the Earth commented on my blog after I slated them for re-packaging products.

    • I was surprised to hear from them. But I think that’s one of the reasons I blog. So that people/companies know we’re holding then accountable and that just because you have the *hot* product doesn’t mean we’re going to roll over and take crap service.

      As for Mariella, I’m sort of afraid we already know what’s going to happen in the end… 😦