Picks of the Week

I dragged myself out of bed long enough to post this.  I can’t help but feel like I’ve been slacking here!!

So without delay, my Picks of the Week are :

1 – Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher. How do I love thee?  Ever since removing my acrylics back in wheveritwas I’m addicted to changing my polish color every other day.  I really love China Glaze polishes, but I also really prefer a matte finish.  I ordered some Man Glaze and was wearing that for a while, but that’s only black and grey.  I was wearing OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, but that’s another dark color.  I thought I’d never find a nice bright orange MATTE shade.  Now ever color I own can be matte!!  It’s a really quick drying top coat and so far it’s gone a LONG way to prevent chipping as well, which scores it another point in my book.  I ordered mine directly from Essie, and it took just about a week to get here.

Essie Matte About You over China Glaze Light My Tiki

2 – Scarecrow Custom Fangs. I’m getting ready for Halloween.  At least that’s my story.  These fangs are nice and subtle and stay in place through a miraculous fitting system I honestly didn’t believe until I fit them.  I ordered them from Vamp Fangs and was almost put off by the incredibly annoying pop ups, (or walk overs?) on the site.  They have a cheesy video that walks you through how to set them, it’s worth suffering through.  I think I am going to randomly wear mine whenever I go out.  Hey, it’s Hollyweird for a reason.

3 – Aromaleigh. I could make three separate entries for this, but I’ll just do one for now.  Firstly, remember back how I was curious about the Twilight Supernatural Powder?  I ordered one in Lustre, which is the most subtle of the three.  Let me reiterate I am not a Twilight nor a True Blood fan.  But for reals, yo, this gives my skin the perfect other-worldy finish.  Not so much dead and dull but glowy and pretty.  It contains silica which is the main ingredient in soft focus finishing powders such as MUFE’s HD Powder and I imagine this would be a better substitute.  For me anyway.  I also ordered two deeper purple shades for my Halloween ‘costume’.  Le Mystere #103 and Les Papillion in Soul Takes Flight.  They compliment each other perfectly for a simple smokey eye.  Although I do wear this for day, it’s going to be perfect for my dramatic ‘vamp’ look.  Lastly I finally ordered one of her lippies.  I picked Meloncholia from the Gothic Lolita collection.  It’s a sheer glossy deep purple color on my lips.  Although it melted in my mailbox, I threw it in the freezer and it’s back in working order.  It’s still very very hot in So Cal.

From left to right : #103, Soul Takes Flight, and Twilight Lustre


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