Body Shimmer

One of my favorite ways to use a pure pigment is to make a shimmery body spray.  I have a few favorite scents I use from The Bath and Body Works.  It’s not anything I would purchase myself, but it never fails I’ll get some for some Holiday.  My favorite scent this year has been Black Amethyst.  I don’t normally wear a body spray, as I have a signature perfume I wear daily (Bulgari Rose Essentielle) but for evenings when I’m going out, sometimes this is fun to use.

You’ll need:

Body Spray

A clear spritzer bottle

Mica, I prefer a chunkier, perhaps glittery version.  I’m using Pinky Pink from TKB.

All you’ll do is pour some of the mica into the empty spritzer, fill it with the body spray, cap, and shake.

And you’re done!

You’ll have to shake it before uses, to make sure the mica isn’t all settled on the bottom.  But when you spray it will leave a fine mist of the mica on your skin, the body spray itself acting as a fixing medium, ensuring it lasts all night!


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