Well, well, well…

I was into Rite Aid the other day looking for a heating pad.  Like always I have to walk down the make up aisle, even with pneumonia.

I always stop to look at the Wet & Wild stuff.  I’ve been surprised with a few good finds in the past, and I was curious as to what was new.  The woman working was stocking some Mega Liner Liquid Liner.  All she had was black left, so she was putting that back on the shelf.  She must have seen me looking, and apparently I looked curious.  So stopped to tell me it sells out super quick and she hears so many good things about it.

Since she only had black (#861), I threw on in my basket.

I totally forgot about it until last night when I went in search of my new box of QTips.  I played with it a bit and I am MIGHTLY impressed.  It has a very fine brush applicator, rather then the felt tip I’ve been used to using.  It went on very smooth and dried quickly enough that it didn’t smudge when I blinked.  It’s a deep black that covered well, I didn’t have to go back over it to fill in any light spots.

It’s going to take some getting used to from using a felt tip, but it’s worth the learning curve.

I’m really looking forward to using this more as I get better.

Overall :


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