Hard Candy

Hard Candy is a ‘local’ brand for me.  I grew up in the Detroit and the cosmetics line was founded in 1995 by an Iranian/ American pair of sisters from the area.  I can remember the buzz around the nail polishes and how hard it was to get them.

Now the line is sold in Wal-Mart.

Personally I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for ethical reasons.  I wander in occasionally with a friend and that was the case yesterday while I was out.  She convinced me it was worth getting a few things ‘just to try out’.

I’m not entirely sure she was right.

I purchased Ginormous Lash Mascara in Purple Haze, Walk the Line Liquid Liners in Licorice, Night Sky, and Sugar Plum, as well as Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy Lip Pencils in Cupcake and Must Have.

From left to right : Licorice, Nigh Sky, Sugar Plum and Purple Haze.

The eyeliners were the only thing that might have been worth buying.  They are smooth and thick and go on well.  The glitters need a few coats and then take a while to dry.  The purple I really like, although for the price I could have bought two the Wet and Wild ones, they were not quite as nice, though.  Wearing it a while, the purple flaked.  Unimpressed.

The mascara has the WORST wand imaginable.  It’s one of those odd rubber spike ones that taper on the end.  The spikes are very sparse.

It was hard to get all my lashes and the color was so whimpy you almost couldn’t see it.   Certainly nothing Ginormous about this stuff.

I opened the Must Have lip gloss, pretty excited since it’s a nice red.  On my lips it smeared all over the place without staying ON my lips and the color is really sheer and not very red.  It’s certainly not Shocking, either.  I’m not opening the pink one, I’m going to return it, as well as the nail polish I bought.  I was so disappointed in what I opened I didn’t want to bother with anything else.

Overall :


3 Responses to “Hard Candy”

  1. I got some eyeliner pencil (twist up) by Hard Candy ages ago on e-bay. The packaging was mint green, the pencil was a disgusting dark sage green with no indicator on the pencil anywhere showing you the actual colour.

    It was too hard to use on my eyelids without hurting them, and generally lame. I don’t think I’d try them again.

    • I returned mostly everything. It was about 6$ a pop, and just not worth eating the waste. I hated having to go back in there, but the lady at the service desk said a lot of it’s coming back. I LOLed.

      It’s junk.

  2. Wow, thanks so much for this review. I always liked Hard Candy polishes and was thinking they probably really had great quality in the makeup seeing as how many low end/drug store brands are stepping it up lately with some killer makeup. I was anxious to try the new line and considering trying Sugar Plum because I ::cough:: surely don’t have EVERY purple eyeliner there is to have in the world yet… Anyway I was going to pick it up and some other HC stuff too. Thanks to your well done review this is one less purple eyeliner I’ll be adding to the hundred or so I already have. My fiance thanks you as well…hehe he just doesn’t understand why 50 purple eyeliner’s is not enough!

    My wallet thanks you and so do I.