This is Madness

I had part two of my surgery this morning to correct a problem I have with my jaw and teeth from having it broken eleventyodd years ago.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Last week I had some normal dentist stuff done in preparation.  When I was done with the cutting and the drilling and the nerve grinding horror of it all, I  pulled out my debit card to pay for it, only to find out that my insurance covered all but 40$.  FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS was all I had to pay when I’d been quoted HUNDREDS. So that money I had budgeted went towards a ‘My Mouth’s Still Numb’ shopping spree at the mall.

Thanks to a hefty discount at the MAC counter, I got a few things from the Style Black collection.  I wanted the Black Cream Color base bad.  But a recent TiffanyD video prompted me to want to get the Young Punk Mineralize eye shadow, too.  It’s beauuuuuuuuuutiful.  I also am one of those people that can wear black lipstick and it just works.  So I got the Mattene in Midnight Media.  The regular lipstick in Black Knight was too glossy and sheer.  This is creamy and opaque and ah-may-zing.  I picked up a few OPI colors, one of which We’ll Always Have Paris, a new Seude, matches the eyeshadow fairly well.  (I’m not a fan of MAC polishes at all.)  I also got a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural compact to try.  So many people have recommended it, it was worth a go with the discount.

While I was getting OPI, I also got a matte white shade, called Alpine Snow and the little Halloween mini kit.

It’s so freaking cute.  They are sort of basic colors, but with unique names and a glow-in-the-dark shade (with a little set of tattoos).  I am a fan of all things spooky, so it was a given.

I also got a super awesome seat belt buckle belt, my elusive plaid pants, and a cute shirt from The Disney Store.  The shirt has a silver foil design of Tinkerbell, which makes wearing it with the pants and my silver shoes all that more awesome.

Now that my face is no longer numb, I need to go take some Motrin and a nap.


6 Responses to “This is Madness”

  1. Gorgeous haul! I love Young Punk, it’s been on my list of things I want when that collection hits us.

    I love those nail polishes and all your clothing choices, too. Although I’d think paying $40 for dental work (if it was necessary not cosmetic) was excessive, I gather that’s very good for an American?

    • I have a really good dental plan, but I also had some major issues fixed. So yes, that was really cheep for a copay. Not many people HAVE dental insurance at all, so I’m at least lucky like that.

      I had my jaw broken by an abusive ex and was just a student at the time and had the best care I could afford THEN. But it grew into another issue more recently, so it was something I’ve been budgeting for a while for.

  2. Well I’m glad it was so cheap! And I hope that jerk gets eaten by sharks :3

  3. i want a hefty mac discount!

  4. i hope your jaw is better!

    (also hope that the sharks took their time, and then while they were doing so, some little piranhas came along and helped them.)