Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer

In my never-ending search for the perfect foundation I will often try a few different combinations of products.  My theory is maybe the foundation WILL work, just with a different primer/moisturizer/powder.

So many people had recommended the MUFE Mat+ to me, I honestly felt silly I couldn’t get it to work.  Was my skin that dry?  I tried just about everything before I managed to just give up, and then I found the wonderful Clinique foundations I’ve been using now.

While doing my usual waiting game for my prescription at Target, I did the also usual perusal of the makeup aisles.  I usually poke around the Jemma Kidd and Pixi displays the longest.  I discovered something new from Pixi was the Flawless Beauty Primer.

I’ve been really happy with the Pixi tinted moisturizers I’d been using over the summer, so I wanted to give the primer a try.  Old habits die hard, I felt compelled to.

What it is:
Ultimate primer to neutralize and smooth uneven skin tone leaving a luxurious lustre finish

What it is formulated to do:
Even, flawless skin tone is the sign of youthful healthy skin. Sometimes we need a little help with the glow from within. This primer is the perfect solution; the formula is loaded with skin loving ingredients. Formula contains powerful anti-aging and skin fortifying benefits. Formula suitable for all skin types.

Beneficial Ingredients and what they do:
1. Pearl Extract for revitalization, protection and anti-aging.
2. Truffle Extract is a luxury additive rich in amino acids and minerals to tone and hydrate.
3. Vitamin E increases skin elasticity.
4. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant
5. Vitamin C has revitalizing and nourishing benefits.

I typically don’t use a primer day to day.  It’s one more layer of something on my skin that’s either going to slide off or cake up.  I tried for a while to use the MUFE HD one, and it wasn’t making much of a difference.  Over the past few weeks as I’ve been searching, though, I’ve been trying almost anything.

Although the 29$ price tag was a tad steep, I found a seller on eBay and forked over some of the cached funds in my Paypal account.

When it arrived I was almost immediately upset.  I ordered No.1 Evenskin, which is the only shade they make.  It’s supposed to be sheer enough for all.  It looked really dark in the bottle.  It was even worse when I pumped some onto the back of my hand.  But as I rubbed it in I was convinced.  It almost melted into my skin.  The formula is like a featherweight gel and yet it’s really creamy.  It feels good going on and made my clean, tight, unmoisturized face feel immediately smoother.

It leaves a definite golden sheen, or lustre, on the skin, and it’s not something I’d wear on it’s own.  On a whim I applied some of the Mat+ over it, and it actually looks good.  My skin doesn’t seem so dry, my little lines are gone, and nothing seems to cake.

Does it bother me that it takes a nearly 30$ product to make an already expensive foundation work?  Yes, very much, especially when I found ONE product to do the job at a decent price.  But knowing the Pixi Primer can save the dreaded Mat+ really gives me a lot of hope for it’s use.

Overall :


3 Responses to “Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer”

  1. I like the ingredients you listed: Pearl extract and vitamin a e and c.
    It almost makes me want to try it 😛
    I’ve liked Camielle Rose’s Primer 2.0, I’m trying out Fyrinnae’s velvet gel-silica primer right now, and I like Benefit’s That Gal primer.

    Will you buy this primer again?

    • The consistency is just amazing.

      As for buying it again, probably not. Just because I found a foundation I
      love that doesn’t need a primer to get the look I want. And if I would use a primer I think it would be more towards one that addresses my pores, like the UD one Ana likes.

      I probably should have mentioned all this in the post, huh.


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