Pigment 101 : Duochromes

A duochrome is a pigment or a color that is one color while looking at it face on, a second when viewed from another angle.

The ones I’m going to talk about specifically in this post are ones that appear white and then when applied become another color all together.  They are most often called Interval, Starlight, Hilight, or Sparkle shades from the wholesalers.

A few important things to know about this sort of pigment :

  • They cannot be ‘custom blended’.  If it’s a white color shifting shadow, it came that way right from the wholesaler.  You can blend them into other colors for various effects, but no two other colors can be blended to make them.
  • They cannot be cut.  As I mentioned in my previous post, a lot of companies use kaolin or other fillers to extend the product.  When an additive is added it blurs the shifting effect.

So when you’re browsing a shop and you see a white duochrome you can be guaranteed it’s directly repackaged from the wholesaler.

Some examples are :

Angel Wing, Blue Haze, Envy, etc from Aromaleigh which she honestly lists as Pure Hues.

Calypso Mineral’s Duochrome kit can all be purchased from The Conservatorie.

Duochromes are fun to use and you only need a little for a dramatic effect.  They are most effective applied over a solid base color, black being the most dramatic, but white would also give a more subtle effect.

An example of a pink duochrome over a pink base.


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