Picks of the Week

1- Argan Oil.  Also known as Moroccan Oil.  Also known as amazing.  This is my second bottle.  They say a little goes a long way, but a lot makes a dramatic difference fast.  Probably the best thing I’ve done for my hair in a while.  I routinely bleach and dye a streak BRIGHT pink, so that one strand is often fuzzy and a little dry.  This  is great for a little boost of smooth in the morning, but before bed I often coat that strand as an overnight treatment.  It has about a dozen other beneficial uses, so I’m going to start researching those as well.

2 – Estee LauderSumptuous Color Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in Amethyst.  It’s purple.  That’s about all I really need to say.  But the formula is one of Lauder’s best.  The color really does stand out.  I’ve been lining my eye in purple and then using this as mascara and it’s very subtle overall, but looking at my eyes you can TELL something is different.  It’s more of a pinky purple, so I’ve been using Aromaleigh’s Les Papillion colors in Ephemeral Violet wet to line.  The colors work together perfectly.

3 – Pixi Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadow in French Lace. When I do a nude eye, or like above, just a liner and mascara, I use this all over, on the lid and the brow.

Nothing ordinary about these awakening holographic shades with 3D undertones.
The effect is stunning, eye-brightening, eye-enlivening and more flattering than ever before. Silky soft and 100% natural, they will treat, tighten and brighten. Truly the next new, ageless, beautifying, eye must-have.

I just find it a nice neutral shade to wear.

4 – OPI Laquer in Gargantuan Green Grape Matte and China Glaze in Dreamsicle. I’m going to paint my nails the orange and tip them with the green.  Should be pretty interesting.


2 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. I love that mint green colour. Is it as fabulous in person? Really opaque? If so I definitely want to track it down.

  2. I have not swatched it yet, but I will tomorrow!! It’s matte, if that makes a difference.