Under a Spell

During the whole Mineral Mayhem fiasco I’ve been introduced to quite a few new independent makeup companies.  One of which, Spell Cosmetics, just released a Limited Edition Box Set called  The Victorian Couture Collection. I’m very intrigued about all things Victorian and deep into an amazing biography about the daughters of Queen Victoria right now, so seemed like more the coincidence to me.

It includes :

Limited Edition Box Set! Contains 3 full sized shadows in: Midnight Fire, Nevermore, Freudian Slip. Plus 2 full sized Baciare Lip Creme in Victorian Vampyre and A Lady Never Tells.

My inner Mina demanded I order and it arrived within DAYS.  I am always impressed with customer service like that.  Since Spell is a new company to me I did some research.  No one should ever purchase from a small company without knowing what they are paying for ::cough LC cough::.  Yes, I adore the company’s goth image, but it only took a bit to see that’s not what I was paying for.

When I opened my kit last night, one thing I noticed was how different the shadows felt to me.  They are obviously custom mixed and blended, no straight repackaged product here.  But the secret to the smoothness alluded me.  I began to apply them to my eye and it was almost like working with butter, they were so smooth, almost NO fallout and just blended really well.  The kit comes with an almost matte black, a gorgeous pink, and a shimmery silvery lilac, so blending was a must.

I went back to the site and searched to figure out what is in her blend.  It’s sort of a pain to navigate, which is my main peeve when ordering online.  I can’t figure out what’s open where because it’s all frames based.  And I have, since the dawn of my internet days, despised frames.  I finally sent off a quick email, so we’ll see how long it take them to get back to me about it.

From top to bottom, left to right : Victorian Vampyre and A Lady Never Tells lip gloss, Midnight Fire, Freudian Slip, and Nevermore shadows.

The packaging was really well done, I’m sure it’s handmade.  It’s the sort of thing I expect when someone promises ‘cute packaging’, not just some bright sticker slapped on a plain old jar.  These were all thought out and well done in the Victorian theme.

So to conclude, as soon an funds permit I’m going to try some more of their products.  I’ve had the Victorian Vampyre lipgloss on all morning and I just love the color.  It is a dark shade, but those suit me very well.  She does offer quite a few more neutral and subdued shades as well, so don’t be scared off.


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  1. Hi hi!
    I actually really like Spell. When I’ve had problems with an order, they’ve fixed them right away. Elle and Gemma are sweet and answer emails, too.
    I do believe that they custom blend their shadows and I know that they add stuff to give the shadow ‘slip’. The Jewel Thief colors blend very nicely. I have some colors I’d recommend if you’re interested:
    Moonlit (this is one of those colors that’s similar to a TKB shade but I’m not sure which one, and she does add stuff to it to make it blend differently)
    Purple Daze
    Storm Cloud
    Blueberry Fizz
    Creme de Menthe
    After Dark
    Triple Strand

    I received my Victorian Couture very quickly, too, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet!

    • I was sitting here with a cart full of stuff trying to narrow down what I NEED. I’m wondering if she actually blends with some emollient wax, it’s a really good base, so much preferred over kaolin or anything else.

  2. Yeah, as soon as I saw this collection, I fell in love. I think that it’s going to be my first order from Spell as well, since as interesting as I find a lot of their products, the packaging and theme has me enraptured.

    • I really like the originality of it. Plus the product is great, so I’m really pleased.

      Enraptured is my word of the day now…

  3. I haven’t tried Spell yet…mostly because of the high price and crappy website navigation. This looks beautiful though, I just wish samples were available! The lilac gloss is divine, I can’t wait for a full review!

    • So far my only complaint is the website. It is so hard to navigate.

      But, if you sign up for an account (which is free) you get 25% off your order, and I also had free shipping, so it wasn’t so bad!!

      And I just noticed they don’t do samples, nice catch…


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