Barry M

Completely out of the blue I ran across a Barry M lipstick.  It was innocent enough, sitting there in the bottom of a box sent to me by a cousin in Kent.  She said she saw it and thought of me.  It wasn’t her thing, but knew it was mine.

Wow, is it ever.  I don’t own any other Barry M products, but I hear about them watching a few tutorials here and there.  I admit being interested, but not so much as to track them down to order them in the past.

She sent #107 Pink Glitter.  It’s a sheer pink gloss infused with beautiful bright pink glitter.

While reading a blog post this morning from Miss Chieveous I noticed that they have several more amazing, bright, and unusual colors!  I headed right to their website and was pleased to find they carry a wide range of colors to suit so many different styles including black, bright pinks, oranges, purple, and lilac!

Each tube runs about 4 £ which is approximately 7$.  Shipping from Barry M is incredibly reasonable, about 3$, even overseas and from what I hear it is also quick.  It would cost under 25$ for three of their lipsticks, which is more then reasonable for me.  If you follow them on Twitter you can catch announcements for discount codes.  The current code : KIND20 is good for 20% off.

I wore my glittery color yesterday running some morning errands and got so many compliments.  The color, even being more of a novelty, didn’t smear or fade or wear off.  While I admittedly didn’t wear it all day, it’s still hot here in So Cal and it stayed put.  Which is enough for me.


10 Responses to “Barry M”

  1. I’ll have to check them out! Awesome 🙂

  2. I picked up their lipstick in 100 – Baby Pink the other day, and I love it. It’s like a lighter, more pastel pink than MAC’s Snob – similar to Saint Germain but a lot lighter. The exact shade I’ve been searching for, and seriously opaque.

  3. I always see this line in Lauren’s tutorials on YouTube but have never gone and looked. That shipping is incredibly reasonable so I think they’re next up for when I have funds for a treat.

    • I’ve never really cared for her YouTube channel. But a lot of the ones I tend to prefer are also British, so I hear of them a lot. I was pleasantly surprised!! I have an order on the way right now.

  4. My favorite YT tuts are :

    There are SO many out there to watch, but a lot of them annoy me for one reason or another. Like VorT using the same product ALL the time cause she knows she’ll keep getting free stuff for promoting it. Or people who can’t be bothered to CLEAN THEIR ROOM before filming something. Or people who talk really quick or can’t focus the camera to see what they’re doing.

    I’m so picky, it’s shameful.