Can You Guess?

What swatch is what brand?

A 6pm Pacific Standard time today, October 30th, I’ll be posting the actual companies and colors to these four lipsticks.  Whoever has or comes closest to getting them all right willwin a Rainbow Stacker.

Disclaimer :  I have no idea why I seem to be POUTING in all of these pictures.

22 Responses to “Can You Guess?”

  1. Uhhh I suck so bad at this. Wet n Wild black maybe? Whatever that first one is, I want it!!

  2. Coz pouts are sexy! I like the one above the bottom picture.

    • That’s another Stargazer!! It’s so BRIGHT in person.

      I’m going to try NOT to be so pouty next time I try this…

  3. I like the glossy black. I have a lot of trouble finding a black lipcolor that will stay glossy on me (without cover it with gloss, anyway).

    • The black was Mattene from MAC’s Style Black collection. It’s not all that glossy, but it’s got a bit of a nice sheen.

  4. I cannot guess. :/

    You should photograph your box, where it says made by/distributed by. I’ll CC you in on my e-mail, when I send it.

    Tired tonight. Too much Lime Crime drama, thanks, internet.

  5. The top one looks like the Lime Criminal D’lilac lipstick. That is one of the lipsticks I bought. They came in yesterday. I was too tired to do a review last night. But I will do the review on Sunday.

    The last one looks like my MAC for Heatherette hot pink lipstick (I cannot remember the name of it right now). At least that is what it looks like on me.

    • I actually have the Heatherette pink, and you’re right, it’s almost the same. It was the LC one. It’s a really common shade.

      The top one was Stargazer!!

  6. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that they are…Stargazer!

  7. Hm, this is hard, as I don’t have any experience with these brands, but I’m down for guessing!

    1: LC, 2: Stargazer, 3: Stargazer, 4: LC

  8. Stargazer, Barry M, LC and Stargazer?

  9. Ok, so I will have to guess on the 2nd and 3rd since I made a guess on the first and last one. The 2nd and 3rd lipsticks I am guessing is Stargazer.

  10. I think 1 and 3 are LC… they look a bit thick, which I’ve heard in some reviews. 2 and 4 can be Stargazer, or something else. Hee, how many lipstick brands are you trying out in this?

  11. 1. Stargazer
    2. Wet n Wild
    3. Lime Crime
    4. Barry M