The Hunt, Part 3

For the Ghoulish Pigment set, bring me a picture of a ‘Girl Next Door’ dressed as a peacock.

And the winner is Hendrix!!


12 Responses to “The Hunt, Part 3”

  1. I’m not sure if this is what you mean by girl next door.. I think she’s pretty “normal” and “cute” looking though!


    I think this works. Cool costume too.

  3. I think this girl fits the bill, too, although not sure about the gold leggings.

  4. ha! Bhevarri in a rush needs to learn to slow down and google better

    not the best pic..


    Crossing fingers that I’m not too late =)

  6. Except that the link *should* have been to .

  7. I couldn’t find a picture of her alone anywhere: