Mina Harker – Dracula Inspired.

If one more person asks me “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” I seriously might hurt them.  Last night I was dressed as a vampire, yes, but as Mina Harker I was more “Team Dracula”.

I kept things very simple and very wearable.  I was going to be out doing several things and didn’t want to be too over the top or inappropriate.

  • I primed my face and covered any imperfections with concealer.
  • Then I used a full coverage foundation mixed with a little white to lighten my face and neck.
  • I didn’t use a contour or a blush, instead I finished with Twilight Lustre powder from Aromaleigh for a glow.
  • My eyes I kept really simple but smokey.  I used a neutral shadow from my 88 palette and then Doll House Plush and Still In Hollywood Rocks from Aromaleigh.  I changed my mind on the eye last minute and used this tutorial from Tiffany D.  It was perfect, subtle and Gothic all at once.  I obviously used a blend of purples instead of greys.  I also added some long spiked lashes from NYX.
  • For my lips I used my new A Lady Never Tells lip color from Spell.
  • I defined my brows very lightly with my ELF Brow Kit.
  • I of course wore my Scarecrow fangs and used a little Graftobian wax to make a pair of fang marks on my neck.  But since Mina is somewhat only half a vampire, they would be healed scars, so no dripping blood, just well blended marks.
  • I curled my hair in little steam rollers and messed with it a bit so it looked like my somewhat short hair was actually pulled up and then wore the custom fascinator I got from eBay.  I also used a streak of white clipped in for effect.
  • I had sort of a spider theme going as well with the spider web stockings so I wore my glass spider plugs.

Mina Harker

The overall look wasn’t very camp or obvious but I got compliments all night.  The ‘costume’ is actually an outfit I would normally wear to work, but with solid tights and without the belt and feathers.  So those small additions, plus the spider pin at my throat were perfect to add just a touch of Goth.


9 Responses to “Mina Harker – Dracula Inspired.”

  1. If I had to pick, I’d be Team James. He was the only remotely attractive vampire in that movie – I couldn’t mind helping out his film career. >_>

    I love that outfit, I wish I could’ve seen it!

    • I know someone had a camera. But in general when we go to shows we don’t bring them. I’d rather watch the band then live through the viewfinder. LOL

      Gimme some time and I’ll track one down!!

  2. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Mina because I played her in my jr colleges version of Dracula, but I really like this and the way you did it. The point of a costume(in my eyes) is for it to be both believable, but still out of fantasy and I think you pulled that off exactly, even if I don’t know any women who’d have bared their arms at the turn of the century(not that I knew any women from the turn of the century), but I think creative allowances can be made 😉

  3. Ah, the perils of being a vampire fan today. Darn that Stephanie Meyer!

    The purple shadow must have looked great with that brooch.

  4. Yeahhhh, I dressed up as a vampire as well, and got the Twilight question once, and told them emphatically that I was not a Twilight fan. I’m surprised I didn’t get more questions, but glad, as well.

  5. All you have to do is say “tattoo” and I want another one. I’d love for my arms to be more covered.

    Your costume looks amazing. I went as a vampire but just in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, since all I was doing was handing out candy. Now if I’d had a party to go to…. Thank God nobody asked me about Twilight. I finally read those books, if by “read” you mean “glared at every 3rd page until I gave up and threw one at the wall.”