L’Orchidee and My Great Regret

I was so happy to see that Aromaleigh was bringing back some of their Limited Edition collections at the end of the year. They’re going to be available for a limited time only at a reduced price, and then gone for good.  Several from each collection will be carried over into the permanent line, customers can vote for their favorites.

I was dragging my feet, for some reason, on ordering any of these colors.  So many of them appealed to me.  I’d wander over, put a few things in my cart and then wander off.

Finally late Halloween night Kristen offered a 31% off promotion.  I went back and forth and then only ordered ONE full sized and two samples.  Along, of course, with a few other things.

They arrived yesterday.  Orders from Aromaleigh are always shipped quickly and packaged well.  Someone takes time to wrap your order carefully and they always include samples.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, these small attentions to detail are so important in small businesses.

I purchased L’Orchidee Moonset, Rocks Sonic Rouge in Breatless, and Shell and Bougainvillea in matte.  The samples I received were L’Orchidee Shadow Witch and Showy as well as Just Like Heaven from the Sonic Rock.

I should have ordered more of the L’Orchidee in full sizes.  They are stunning delicate colors with an amazing doze of fine sparkle.

Showy is such a sweet baby pink, very subtle.  Shadow Witch is an amazing denim blue with gold sparkle.  I’m going to wear it today, I was surprised at how much I really like it.  I admit I got it for the name since blue isn’t normally a color I might wear.  If possible I would order this in full sized.  Moonset is my purple.  It’s a multidimensional color with a shimmer.  Just brilliant.

Overall I am always amazingly impressed with Aromaleigh’s colors.  It blows my mind the work that must go into blending and making these colors.  Some colors may seem the same but the differences are just subtle enough that they become two totally different shades.  From the reflects, to the undertones, to the shimmer, to the glitter there is always something there working to make these shadows unique.

It’s always best to apply them over a primer, I use either UDPP or TFSI.  Applying them wet is also an option.  What I would do is apply a wet coat, let it dry and then go over it again dry for an added dimension and to blend out the edges.  Using a colored base, such as a paint stick under bright or dark eye shadows make the shimmer and colors have a lot of depth as well as staying power.

I also finally broke down and got the BRIGHT pink blush I’d been eying.  Breathless is a clear bright pink.  Candy pink.  OMG can I wear that on my cheeks pink.  I probably can, very carefully, but I’m always looking for a challenge.  What put it over the top for me was a recent Moulin Rouge tutorial on YouTube that featured a bright blush used in the eye and then pulled out and onto the upper cheek.  That I can do!

The matte colors I got, Shell and Bouganvillea are for when I need a more subtle eye color when I want to go glam with my eyeliner.  I’ve really been into wearing false lashes (I’ll be posting one of my new favorite pairs soon!) and doing a cat eyed liner.  I can play it up with bright colors, but I thought the Shell on the lid and brow with Bougainvillea in the crease might be nice as well.  It was a great way to sample some of her matte colors, which I don’t have many of.  These are very smooth almost creamy.

Don’t be surprised if I do another Aromaleigh review this weekend already.  Another of her Limited Edition collections was released and I’m expecting my order any day now!

Top to bottom, left to right : Shell, Bougainvillea, Shadow Witch, Moonset, Breathless, and Showy.


16 Responses to “L’Orchidee and My Great Regret”

  1. I know that she has plans for a “Best of 2009” collection – 60 shadows to be made permanent, she’s been saying on her blog. Maybe Shadow Witch will end up in that collection, and you’ll be able to get it in fullsize.

    I’m just crossing everything crossable that Twinkling Lights is made permanent…or, barring that, that another jar goes on sale on Ebay.

    • Ok, now you’ve got me interested. I’ve never seen it but now I want one!! I’ll cross things with you.

  2. I’m actually fairly sure Shadow Witch will end up in the permanents, since I know a lot of people who like it. I think it’s in 4th place within L’Orchidee, and you can always help it along by voting for it. 😉

    I also just placed an Aromaleigh order (all samples, since I always want to try out a color before going full size), and I’m so excited to try the L’Orchidee and En Pointe colors once they get here. ❤

    • I voted. Woo!

      I have two of the En Pointe colors from the eBay charity auctions, and I ordered four more. I might get more after that, but I’ll have to see what my checking account looks like first

  3. The En Pointe collection has some AMAZING textures. Be sure to check them out. I did a blog post that linked to some of my looks with those colors if you want to check them out.

    So glad you like the L’Orchidee!

    Breathless is really nice 🙂 Candy-O is my favorite.

    • I am in love with Aurora already. I got that one from eBay. It’s one of my favorites of all time. I like that they are pink and girly, sometimes I need that.

      I was hoping to have one of my other orders by now. But none of the five companies I ordered from ship as quickly as Aromaleigh. I ordered THIS order way after the others. I’m getting impatient thanks to you 😛

      Candy-O might be next.

  4. Pleeeeease have swatches? *-* Specially the blush *-* – I’ve ordered a not-so-pink one but I confess I’ve been staring at the bright pink ones x.x’

    I’m waiting for my aromaleigh order to get here and I can’t stop thinking about other products I could try…

    Since she’s making some eyeshadows permanent I hope your favorites will be there ^^

  5. …I just checked the site again, and it IS still possible to order Shadow Witch in full size. (She apparently hasn’t taken the page down yet…)

    • I just hope they stick around until I have more mad money to spend!!

      • Ugh…I hear you. I’m setting aside pennies for the jar of Twinkling Lights (which looks like this, by the way. Except bright Christmassy-green with red iridescent overlay instead of the muddy-looking stuff my poor photography makes it resemble.)

        Try emailing customer service and ask if it’s possible to put a jar aside…or flat-out ask if Shadow Witch will be part of the perm collection (which will mean it will be there whenever you get the mad money set aside.)

  6. Shadow witch looks like a very nice color.
    I was wandering if you need to have a verified paypal account to order from aromaleigh? I hope you don’t mind answering my question. thanks

    • I do really like it!!

      I have no idea why. I’m not at all affiliated with them.

      You could probably email Aromaleigh directly and ask. I’m sure you can find their customer service email on their page!

  7. Hello… I’m a brand new reader to your blog. It’s great! (I’m not new to Aromaleigh though, been a customer for 2.5 years now).

    I don’t know if you’ll be mad at me for saying this, but I wanted to tell Laughing Muse that I have the entire Holiday Blast collection (including Twinkling Lights) that I’d like to sell! 🙂
    These are all brand NEW! I wrote up a post on the Aromaleigh Anonymous board on Facebook; not sure if you are a member. So far no interest, so I was going to list them on eBay. I haven’t done that yet. facebook.com/abbsteroo is my page if you want to contact me about buying any of them.

    I LOVE all of them, it’s just that I already have samples of all and due to all the limited editions that came out this year… space has become an issue!

    Sorry if my post is the wrong kind… just hoping to help out Laughing Muse! Thanks,

  8. Shadow Witch is now a permanent color! (Just in case you haven’t already heard the news.)