Keeping En Pointe

Not too long ago now I won an eBay charity auction for Aurora and Coppelia, two of the Limited Edition En Pointe colors from Aromaleigh (who from now on I’m going to refer to as AL).  I blogged about it here.  The plush textures of those colors are something I really like, I know I’ve mentioned I’m also a fan of their Eye Plush collection.  Same basic matte sort of velvet feel.

The second collection re-released this season from AL is the En Pointe collection.  I managed to order four new colors just after she posted them and just before the 31% off coupon expired.

This collection is very delicate and refined.  The overall feeling is very vintage to me.  It’s perfect for the days I’m Victorian inspired and dressed in a frilly white shirt.

I chose Elegie, Terpischore, Giselle, and Promenade.

Elegie: A dark dose of shimmering jewels. Add to other shades to deepen and dramatize, use wet-lined or all-over for a magnificent, glimmering smokey eye.
Terpischore: Another shade fit for a muse… a fawn plush matte base with a magical golden iridescent highlight. (Sheen)
Giselle: A sweet and softly shimmering plush tea rose matte base enhanced with a delicate pink and gold highlight. As precious as the beautiful Giselle. (Sheen)
Promenade: Romantic violet plush matte base with an intriguing blue-violet iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

Again, I was just amazed at the depth and level of colors in these shadows.  Then, as if reading my mind Kristen posted a video on how she makes her shadows highlighting the amount of preparation, work, formulation, ingredients, and precision goes into each new shade.  She just so happened to be making Promenade, one of the colors I had JUST received!



24 Responses to “Keeping En Pointe”

  1. I love so many colors from the en Pointe collection. I think I may have the most full sizes from that LE collection than any other. I have at least Serenade, Sylph, Elegie, Calliope, Aurora, Arabesque and I think Promenade. I really love the unusual finish of the colors, with the matte like base and iridescence.

    • I’m trying to pair down what I’m going to get next. I already have six, but I sort of want them all.

      The finish is just so different. I LOVE Elegie, it’s a matte but with a million sparklies in it. Just such a unique color for everyday.

  2. Hehe, I’m such an enabler.

  3. I love your blog! I just discovered it via the lovely Phyrra of Fresco Phyrra.

    I had to splurge on a full-size set of the En Pointe collection. Besides the fact that I’m an ex-ballerina, these are some of the prettiest and most unique colors I’ve seen. I love the texture too.

  4. Phyrra, it’s so true, you really are an enabler. 😉

    And damn Grey, you’re making me so excited for my Aromaleigh order with all my En Pointe samples. I hope it gets here today, though I kinda feel like once I get it, I’ll just regret that I don’t have the full sizes, with all the raving about it.

    I ordered Elegie, Promenade, and several others which came highly recommended, and I can see from your swatches that I’m going to fall in love with both.

    • I’m sorry!!

      Even the samples are great and will totally hold you over until your NEXT order arrives 😉

      • Hah, I’ve been buying so much makeup lately that I think I’m going to have to wait for a good sale if I want to get more (Along the with Aromaleigh order, I’m currently waiting on an order from Fyrinnae, and a mini-order from Sephora).

  5. Impressive! So much work! Will look into her range next time I need mineral eyeshadows!

  6. wow, these colors are amazing! i can’t really afford to buy them at the mo but its my 21st bday next month so perhaps i can spoil myself 🙂

    do you know if thier foundations are any good? i have combination skin with plenty of freckles that i like to cover and i have gone through so many foundations that don’t give good enough coverage.

    • I don’t really know, I’m sorry. I personally don’t care for mineral foundations, so I’ve never tried them!!

    • I really like the Glissade formula from Aromaleigh. Mineral foundation is the only foundation I’ve found that’s pale enough and matches my skintone. I wear 1CL + a touch of Alabaster in Glissade.

      • I usually use something mixed with white, but I have some odd skin I don’t like the feeling of powder, I need real moisture on my skin 😦

  7. Ahhh…when people do the real work all themselves, it really does pay off. Promenade is gorgeous soft purple, I *love* it.

    • I knew it was more then just a few colors shook up. But the actual formula and all that? Wow. I love it, too!!

  8. Are these very sparkly? I’d like to try a couple from this line but I’m not keen on glitter. That darker pink looks perfect.

    • Some are sparkly, some have a subtle shimmer. That pink is to die for delicate and has a little golden shimmer, but not big glittery flecks.

      You should try to order samples, she ships those for free. It’s worth a try!