Grape Jam

Stargazer 130 and MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass

ETA: Again with the pout… bah.


11 Responses to “Grape Jam”

  1. Oooh lovely! I have Funtabulous 🙂

  2. It’s a lot more shimmery if you catch it in the light. Which is impossible to do today!!

  3. ok now i need a purple lisptick..Funtabulous is my fave of the Dazzleglasses

    • I love the Dazzleglasses, I always so NO, I will not buy anything, and then I end up with a new Dazzleglass in my bag…

  4. Oh that looks absolutely beautiful! What a fabulous combination.

  5. Ahh, purple lipstick. ❤ I've had my eye on one or two of the purples from Morgana Minerals, myself. Nightshade looks especially delicious.

    • I’m waiting on my Morgana order right now. Looks like I’ll be getting it tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll have another lipstick post tomorrow!!

  6. You must have the most awesome endless makeup collection on this planet.

  7. I really like that combo. The only dazzleglass I have is the Comet Blue one. Which is almost finished :(.