Meow Cosmetics – A Review

While doing my usual blog cruising one night laying in bed with my iPhone I found out that Meow Cosmetics was offering a Halloween sale.  Normally I look at their sight and think “a lot of colors are pretty, but 8$ a shadow is a little more then I want to pay”.  I realize 8$ isn’t much for a custom blend shadow considering the work that goes into it, but, well.  When the opportunity arose I was working with a discount, I ordered a few shades from their Halloween page.


The site itself was easy to navigate, although I kept having to remind myself to scroll down to find the colors and the descriptions.  They sell a wide variety of products and most have several ordering options, including sizes and samples.  I was impressed with all the mattes they have.  They also have several types of foundations available based on coverage from light to full.  The color charts to match your complexion are really expansive.  I’m sure I could find one to match my pale skin.

I only ordered a few eye shadows, including :

Full Sized –

Necromancer (Halloween Collection)  – a pure black shadow (like warlock and witch) loaded with pink and purple sparkle and fuchsia iridescence.
Evil Eye (Zombie Collection)  -Dark plum/purple with blue-black undertones and bronzed metallic iridescence.
Vampire (Halloween Collection) – lurking in the shadows, this is the only color of the Dance of Death collection that is not very sparkly – it is a gleaming luminous purple with iridescent red undertone.
Bad Luck (Friday the 13th Collection) – golden toffee with orange iridescence twinged with warm russet undertones
Macabre (Zombie Collection) – Plum with red undertones and copper iridescence.

Samples –

VooDoo (Zombie Collection) – Dark Gray with gold iridescence.
Black Cat (Zombie Collection) – Deep Black with lots of sparkle and twilight blue undertones.
Coven (Zombie Collection) – Blue-Black with golden teal iridescence.
Asylum (Halloween Collection) – gleaming teal loaded with green iridescence and blue and green sparkle.
Goblin (Zombie Collection) – Rosy plum.
Grave Robber (Halloween Liner) – mysterious deep navy with bright blue iridescent undertone.


I placed the order on Friday, October 30th and it arrived Saturday, November 7th.  So at just over a week the shipping time wasn’t bad.  I am totally spoiled by the few companies I most often shop from because they ship practically that night and I usually have my order in a few days.  I didn’t notice anything on the Meow site noting delays or a shipping schedule, so I assume this would be the average delivery time, which is reasonable.  I did get a shipping notification and was able to keep an eye on my goodies as they made their way to me.

I was really pleased to open the package and find my items packaged in a very cute spider web bag.  It was a nice little Halloweeny extra.  I also noticed there were several other samples included I didn’t order, as well as a personalized thank you written on the invoice.  All of these things are very important to me.  It’s not required, but it makes me feel very good about who I chose to shop with.

You can find their table of shipping costs on their Customer Service page.  There is no additional shipping and handling charge.

The Packaging

I quickly realized that each little shadow jar is individually sealed outside with a little wrap.  I don’t think I’ve run across that before.  I realize that the little sealed sifter inside is enough to ensure a non-contaminated product, but the little extra was nice.  Also the cute little labels on the top of each featured the collection name as well as a little kitty of some sort.  The packaging was very well thought out and personalized for each collection.  Nothing generic here.

They each weighed about 9grams and the average empty jar with a sifter is about 7grams so that’s nearly 2 grams of product.

Product / Colors

Swatching the colors I actually said to myself ‘why did I get this one?’ a few times, the color descriptions and swatches were just a bit off from what I expected.  Everything is still amazing, but I wasn’t so sure it was accurate.

From left to right : necromancer, Bad Luck, Evil Eye, Vampire, and Macabre

For instance Necromancer looks more like black and orange to me then the described black and pink/purple.  I don’t quite see the same iridescence.

Bad Luck was another I was scratching my head over.  I don’t’ quite get the golden undertone to it.

I will be wearing Vampire all over the place, though.  It’s a really nice ‘blood’ color, not a true red and it just looks stunning with my peculiar brown eyes.

Macabre is also very pretty, very subdued and would probably work for a lot of people, even those not into the other dark and gloomy colors I ordered.

The formula is really nice.  They are described as “creamy densely textured moist shadows.”  I’m not sure how moist figures in there.  The ingredients listed are : Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide Some Colors May Contain: Ultramarine Blue, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Copper, Silica. Which to me appears to be a nice and complex blend, ensuring someone worked hard to create each of these shadows by hand.  They certainly are very smooth.  They go on very well, although I would of course recommend a base such as a primer or a paint pot.

The Conclusion

Would I order from them again?  Probably.

  • There are a few colors I’ve seen I would really love, although I’m semi-wary they are accurate.
  • The cost is admittedly an issue.  Unless I run across another sale I don’t think I’ll be ordering soon.

Overall: /5

Updated 01/26/2010 :/5

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14 Responses to “Meow Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. I have to say I was decidedly unimpressed with what I purchased from Meow. At the time (maybe 8 months ago?) they didn’t have a LE collection, so I ordered some permanent items. Nothing was really special enough for me to order again. I do agree that the descriptions aren’t exactly what you get! Bad Luck doesn’t really look at all like the picture!

    • I’m still on the fence. Meow has some pretty good recommendations, so part of me wonders if I just ordered the wrong things?!

      • I was impressed with their Egyptian Treasures collection, and their last two batches of blushes were pretty good (but that’s because Masterpiece and Taboo collections are pretty sheer so I don’t feel like I have to worry too much about over applying-I think the same could be said about the ET collection as well, I love Nefertiti), IMO. But I buy mostly samples before getting full sizes. One of their last fall color collections in the IdealEyes section is also pretty good, though I’d of bought more if they cost less. Still, I think they’ve improved a lot in the past few years, and I’m looking forward to the next Holiday collection, I kind of regret not even buying samples of the red and green stuff they had back then.

        Foundation-wise I prefer Lauress despite the cost, it’s not as one-note as most cosmetic companies, and they make good lip balm and eye primer. I didn’t care much for their eyeshadow collection though, and I wish it had some mattes and wilder colors.

        • I’m looking forward to seeing the new collection as well, basically just because I’m curious. I really was disappointed to have such a difference in colors from the descriptions in the shop.

          Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Since I can’t edit: I meant, the Egyptian Treasures blush in Nefertiti was sheer, not the eyeshadows, they were intense and fantastic.

      • I can’t believe I forgot: I also like their glow powder, but it’s a bit intense and I’d recommend ordering their tinted unless you’re wearing a very pale foundation.

  2. I’m starting to become a Meow Junkie ever since they brought out the Egyptian Treasures line. I love metallics. For the Halloween collections I bought a bunch as well. Asylum and Cadaver were really pretty, I only bought samples but when I saw the sale I grabbed full sizes as well. Coffin is a really pretty dark coppery brown eyeliner. I loved how smooth it was so I bought a backup 😀 I bought samples in the summer and only a few caught my eye but I didn’t grab full sizes (the price put me off as well) but try the Egyptian Treasures (especially Miw, Tutakahamun (cant spell it still) and Obelisk(looks like an odd colour online, but is a really nice green colour) I have a pic of what I snagged in my flickr page.
    I hope they bring out a Christmas collection!

  3. Sassy minerals do that – with the plastic wrap around the jars. I love it, because so many times I’ve had screw-lid jars open in the post and get everywhere.

    I’ve never bought from Meow despite Phyrra raving about them, something about the website or swatches or something put me off, I guess I only tend to notice places with omgbright shadows. Giving them a look now, though.

  4. The recent “mutiny” has inspired me to try out more mineral eyeshadows, as before now I haven’t been that adventurous with colours. So just to say – you have a new reader, I found you through the LC controversy, but I’m sticking around because your reviews are great and really helping me decide where to order my first lot of colours from!

  5. As much as I love Meow, I’m always hesitant to buy unless there’s a sale. I usually prefer to only buy stuff when it’s on sale. It’s hard for me to pay $9 for an eye shadow when I can wait for a sale at Aromaleigh and pay $5 or so when they’re on sale.

    To me necromancer seems more pinkish, but when I did my look with it using the color Skeptic I thought it turned out awesome 🙂 (skeptic was that periwinkle color, so I think it worked well with it).

    Bad Luck I love for the description.

    Vampire is awesome 🙂

    I wasn’t impressed with Meow’s eye shadows until their Fall 2008 collection. Everything else I tried before then was ok, but not mind blowing like Aromaleigh or Fyrinnae have been for me.

    I feel like they’ve really improved their products with the collections that they’ve released since then.

    I honestly love the Meow foundation, and I tend to wear it every day, though my Aromaleigh glissade is a close second. Meow’s Inquisitive Siamese is basically my holy grail foundation.

  6. I agree that Meow Cosmetics are expensive. But I do like their foundations. They have three different types of coverage which is nice because I need the heavy duty stuff. I have been wearing the pampered puss in Chartraux (sp?) and it is nice. That is worth it. I also signed up for news letters to find out about their sales. The Egyptian line is neat. I just love the colors. The Cleopatra blush is nice. They’re nice but your right, a little on the high end side.

  7. Thanks for this review – I was thinking of picking up Necromancer because I’d heard it was a Young Punk MES dupe, but I guess I’ll take my money elsewhere 🙂

  8. I placed an order at meow a couple hours ago, and now i stumbeled across your site after searching for deliverytime..
    I just have to say: Good reading, you are great at reviews! 🙂