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In between all the online shopping I’ve been doing, I did manage to hit the MAC counter recently.  I only got a couple of things, but I really wanted to talk about them.

Greasepaint Sticks

I’ve seen a few reviews and tutorials that use these.  I wasn’t sure they would be any different then a paint pot or a jumbo pencil in the end.  I ended up getting Black from the Style Black Collection (which is actually black scattered with purple shimmer) and V from the D Squared Collection (which is a rich purple shade with shimmer).

In one of Pixiwoo’s video’s Sam is seen using one as the base for her shadow and she pulls the little bottom off to show how to sharpen it and the whole tip came off.  Stuff like that actually happens and I lost a big chunk of my black one that way.  I left it in the ‘sharpener’ though and I can use it if I use a brush to get at it.  I hated the idea of wasting that much of the stick since it is a limited edition item and might not be back.

So far I’ve really liked them.  As the season is supposedly moving into Fall I’m wearing more of a dark eye, and I’ve been using these as a base more often.  Black and purple are sort of my standard eye colors (you read my blog, that should have been the most obvious statement I’ve made in weeks 🙂 ) so I figured these would be the two logical colors to get.  Black can also be worn as the base of so many other colors to make them more intense and deep, so it’s not all for smokey looks.

Once you apply them you have a few minutes to work with them and blend them out (or make your shape) before they set and become fairly smudge-proof.

Do you need them?  It’s hard to say.  I would say a Jumbo Pencil would work as well, although the MAC certainly stayed on longer and denser then the NYX Pencils.  If you can afford to splurge on one, I would.

Penultimate Liner

I am always forever buying black eyeliner.  Even now that I’ve found one I love in the Wet and Wild Creme, I wanted to try this little felt tipped pen.  I was glad to hear it’s part of the permanent line, I really surprised myself in liking it.

I have used felt tipped liners in the past.  Mostly ones from NYX and Revlon (I think) and they quickly got binned.  They didn’t go on solid or dry well.  The tips tended to also smush easily and not draw the very fine line I wanted with them.

The one I was looking at at the MAC counter had survived Halloween makeup as well as a round of Homecoming makeovers and it was still sharp enough for me to draw finely on the back of my hand.  It also still had a fair amount of product left in it.  I knew I would not be that hard on mine, so I figured it was worth it.

I’ve been using it on my lid and the WW in my waterlines and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments.  It’s so easy to manipulate and use I’ve been able to be much more delicate and refined in my application.  I admit I’m not the BEST with eyeliner, I would say this has raised my game a little.  This is certainly an item I will buy again when this one wears out.


5 Responses to “Back to MAC”

  1. I love love love the greasepaint sticks! I actually have used a brush to apply them since mine are no longer sharp and I didn’t want to lose product by sharpening.

    • I havn’t been using them long, but I like them. I wasn’t sure what they would be like, since ‘greasepaint’ is usually, well, greasy.

  2. I’m so afraid of those felt-tip applicators. I don’t trust my hands not to poke myself in the eye. x_x

  3. i had such high hopes for the greasepaint sticks. i got the two from the d squared collection. maybe im doing something wrong, but i find that they do not leave me any time to blend them out a bit before they set, which leaves me with this dark, unblendable line of demarcation (which i hate). i wish they were a little creamier, a little more like a shadestick. oh well, heres to wishing.