Whip it Good

Lavender Whip is a Creme Sheen lipstick from the Creme Team Collection of early Spring 2009.  It was the only thing I got from that collection, although I was tempted by the glosses something fierce.  I wore it for a while in the early summer, but for some reason simply forgot about it.  Nothing about it is forgettable, though.  It’s a delicate beautiful color and the Creme Sheen formula is one of my favorites.  My other, being extreme, is the Mattene.

From left to right : MAC Lavender Whip, LC D’Lilac, Stargazer 115, Stargazer 130


4 Responses to “Whip it Good”

  1. It looks like a pretty color, but I feel kind of disappointed at how pink it is (judging from your swatches). It looks like it would look good, but it’s not a color I would traditionally consider a purple.

    • On the lips it is a very pretty violet. It’s incredibly wearable.

      Next to the PALE colors it does tend towards pink. But it’s really not.

      It’s one of those mysterious shades that just work.

  2. Have you ever tried Fyrinnae’s Lip Luster in Fanservice? It looks like a good duplicate (I refuse to use the word “dupe”) for Lavender Whip and their formula is fairly gentle on dry/sensitive lips. I just ordered a tube; when it comes I can send you a photo or two, since I don’t yet have a blog to post it to.

  3. It looks lovely, and i want it, but what i really want is whatever the model is wearing in the promotional picture!