My Fyrinnae order arrived yesterday.  But I think I’m going to sit on it a little before I do my review.  I think I need to give it some time to use a few things before I rush to judgment.

So look for it next week!!


Ok, I just placed a small second order.  After I receive that one I will be able to more accurately write a review.


8 Responses to “Fyrinnae”

  1. You have to get used to how to apply Fyrinnae, which took me a while.
    Pat pat pat with the complex colors, though if you got the Pixie Epoxy, you can brush it it on.

    ❤ them.

    • I might have ordered the wrong things. I just don’t think I’m impressed 😦

      • It could be the formula that you’re not liking. Since you’ve said you like the really soft, almost buttery in application eyeshadow, it could be that you just don’t like the formula for Fyrinnae, since it’s an unusual formula, I think. I’m sorry you’re not liking it, though! They have some excellent colors, and their prices are good.

      • It’s not really the shadow I’m stuck on, it’s the few other things I got 😦

      • Send me an email or IM when you have time?

  2. Ooh yes! I’m hoping to order from them for Holiday. I look forward to your review!

  3. Can’t wait for your review! I just got a Fyrinnae order recently (though in my case, it was my third), and I’m really in love with the company. I hope you end up liking them as well!

  4. I love the golds and greens that Fyrinnae has. Little Red’s Pet Wolf and We’re All Mad Here are ones I want in full size but this time of year everyone is having ltd ed collections and colours and I keep running out of the moola.
    They have really nice customer service. I had a huge order that I accidently ordered full sizes of (I was confused with their system) and they were kind enough to switch them to sample sizes and refund the money. I have a feeling some other companies would have said Too Bad So Sad
    And my primer arrived thin and runny (winnipeg summers are grossly humid and hot) and they sent me another one to replace it when they saw my review on it.
    And their Fluff is awesome stuff 😀