Picks of the Week

1 – Laura Geller Lip Stip. I dunno if you noticed, but I’ve been doing a lot of lipstick reviews these days.  Once I got started it was painfully obvious I needed to find a product that was going to help with the accuracy of my reviews.  My lips are always well moisturized, but for some reason the lipstick was picking up on EVERY little wrinkle and dry spot.  Reading around, I find this is apparently common with a thick drying formula.

I have a scar on my lip from being stabbed with a pair of scissors as a kid, and it was just standing out like crazy until I started exfoliating.

I had been using my Mary Kay lip exfoliater, but it was less then effective.  I sat and read recipes online about how to make your own scrub, and a lot of them seemed promising, but digging through my lipstick cases I realized I had a jar of Laura Geller’s Lip Strip from the Sephora pink lip stick collection I’d bought earlier this year.  The jar holds about 1 ounce of product, which was more then enough.  I used quite a bit of it over the course of several days and there is plenty left.

I was scrubbing my lips, moisturizing,  and then applying lipsticks.  This product helped get a smooth base, which I want to say helped in the wear of the lipstick.  What it proved best for was removing the STAIN left after taking the lipstick off.  I used makeup remover towlettes to initially get the product off, but then I used the Lip Strip to work on the remaining stain.  It wasn’t 100% effect, cause that lipstick was just way over pigmented, but it helped enough that I could wear a different color after and not have the stain from the first show through the new color.  The Lip Strip is sweet and minty, not at all harsh.  It’s basically a sugar scrub in a refreshing emollient base.  After using it my lips felt smooth and moisturized, even without having at apply a balm.

2 – This Hair Thing.  Seriously, what do you call it?  I ran into it at Target and I had to have it.  It’s by Goodie and cost me a big bad 5$.  It’s slightly reminiscent of my Halloween Fasicnator, but on a comb.  It’s smaller and less dramatic, but has sort of the same effect with the black beads and faux feather.  I can wear it all over the place, and I have been.

3- Aromaliegh’s Arabesque from the En Pointe collection.

A refined bluish green with highlight shimmers of green and gold. Multi-facted and rich frost. (Frost)

It looks amazing foiled over my lid with a little black winged liner.  I always say I don’t like green and then I get a new one from AL and end up wearing it all the time.  Go figure.


9 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. What an adorable hair accessory! I can never get anything to stay in my hair unless I smother it in hairspray (which I dislike doing), so I always miss out on wearing cute accessories.

    I liked Arabesque as well, it’s a lovely delicate color, but it was a bit too much gold, not enough green for me. I have enough gold eyeshadows already that I love, so it wasn’t worth it to get the full size.

    • I don’t normally wear anything in my hair, apart from the occasional headband. But I love this little thing. And you know, I went back to get another or see if they had another color and they aren’t there anymore.

      I don’t have much greeny colors, although I do have a lot of gold. I love the texture of these En Pointe colors, so I was sold!!

  2. I have that hair thing!

  3. Does exfoliating work? I’m always wondering. My lips get dry really easily and I must use my cocoa-butter almost all the time… I’ve heard it’d get better if I exfoliated but that sounded so painful!

    Oh! Just wanted to share I got my Aromaleigh order today and I’m impressed with everything! They look like mini-magic-bags! Like a spell would come out of them!

    I don’t know if I’m being able to express myself… it’s hard to express yourself without your mother language!

    I love green eyeshadows. I’m always looking for it. Green is kinda my favorite color, anyway…
    Arabesque stole my heart! I hope it’ll be a keeper ’cause I’d really like to buy it!

    (I’ve made a post at aromaleigh before and after forum using a tiny little bit of the products and I confess I’m already impressed with the company. I think I know what I’m going to save up for right now…)

  4. I love the hair thing! I think it’s just called a hair comb (thinking back to the Gift of the Magi) I’m probably wrong. And I like to say “hair thing” much better