Spell Cosmetics – A Review

This is actually the second time I’ve ordered from Spell Cosmetics, but the first time was more of a whim and I didn’t really post a full review, so I thought I would take the time and do that now!


Ordering from Spell is tricky.  As I previously mentioned, the site has been notoriously aggravating for me to navigate.  Since I’ve been browsing on it a little more, it’s not too bad.  What I’ve been doing is navigating back and forth using the menu on the sidebar and going page by page.  I can’t seem to figure out a way to see all the shadows on one page, they are posted and linked via category.  The shopping cart feature is on the right hand side, and you can easily see what you have.

They have several shadow collections as well as blush, several lipsticks/glosses, and foundations.  The prices seem a tad high, but if you become a member, which is as easy as signing up for an account, you will receive 25% off of your entire order.

I do have a hard time finding info on their site, but I’m pretty sure orders over 20$ have free shipping.  I’ve placed two orders so far and each time I’ve had free shipping.

This time around I ordered:

The Jewel Thief Collection –  All 7 Jewel Thief colours, including: Solitaire, Swindle, Triple Strand, Heist, Bauble,& Antiquity!

The Bubble Gum Princess Pack – Inspired by the success of our top selling lip gloss, Bubblegum Princess, we have worked with its namesake (Youtube Guru, The Bubblegum Princess) to create a full-face collection! A gift pack collection of Glass Slipper, Ballroom Gown, & High Tea Eye Shadows, Royal Flush Blush, & everyone’s favorite, Bubblegum Princess Obvious Lip Gloss! All full-sized, in a zip-top tote! Glass Slipper: Whisper soft white, with subtle undertones of butter & rose. High Tea: Blended to perfection with strawberry-tea inspiration. Ballroom Gown: A lusterous metallic pink, specially treated to duplicate the glow of satin! (If you like Mintallic, Wisteria & Daffodil, you are going to LOVE Ballroom Gown!) Royal Flush Blush: Built on our Soft Focus Blush base, Royal Flush brings the same strawberry tea tone to the cheeks. Bubblegum Princess Obvious Lip Gloss: Every princess’s dream pink! All paraben/phthalate free! Glamour without Guilt!


Shipping is quick.  I placed the order on November 6th and it arrived on November 13th.  Last time I think it was a matter of a few days.

This order arrived jammed into a plain white box and taped up.  It would have probably fit better in a bit of a larger box, but the excessive taping job held it all together.  Once I got through the tape each item was well wrapped in tissue paper and well packaged.

Oddly there was no invoice in the box, nor any samples.  I don’t think Spell actually has a sample program.

Shipping on all Spell orders are free.  There are no additional shipping and handling charges.

Colors / Product

From top to bottom, left to right : Solitaire, Triple Stand, Antiquity, Royal Flush Blush, Glass Slipper, High Tea, Ballroom Gown, Heist, Swindle, Treasure, and Bauble.

I apologize for the wonky arm swatching.  The back of the hand I usually use is stained pink!

Again, I love this soft shadow formula.  I’m almost positive it’s another wax coated blend, but I can’t say for sure.  They go on very smooth and blend very well.  I always use a base, and I’ve never had issues with them creasing or fading.  The blush I’m on the fence about.  It’s a bit brown for me, so it’s not wanting to blend nicely into my cheeks, but I’m not sure that’s me or the blush.

The jars come jam packed full, I’m not sure how much they weigh empty but each full jar is 13 grams and since there is no sifter in these, it’s a lot of product.

I’m pretty sure that Triple Strand and Glass Slipper are just about the same color.  Next to each other they look alike.  Glass Slipper is a bit more opaque, but they are close.  Maybe there is a bit of pink in the Triple Strand to make it opal, but it’s subtle.

This lip gloss isn’t as opaque as the ones I got with my last order.  It’s a very delicate pink and looks soft when first applied, but it seemed to have worn off quickly.


Would I order from them again? Probably.

  • Shipping is really quick.
  • With the membership discount the prices are very affordable, especially with the free shipping.
  • I do like the formula, even if I can’t figure out what it is.

I’ve emailed and sent a few messages asking for ingredients info on their products and I have yet to get a reply.  I sent my first messages just after I placed my first order, and sent several more around the time I placed my second, including asking the questions in the ‘notes’ section of my order.  I have no gotten a reply at all.  So while yes, they ship quickly, I cannot get them to reply to any inquires.

As I was typing this review I got this notice in my email :

Early this morning our customer service email system came online with many
emails from you. We want everyone to know that we are now using the next 3
days to reply to comments, fix any outstanding items and respond to you. Our
IT Pro has resolved the issue.

We apologize that this may have happened.  In the meantime, you may feel
free to re-email any outstanding issue directly to my personal Spell email
at xxxxx@spellcosmetics.com We will be here the entire weekend respolving
these and responding.

So giving them the benefit of the doubt for not returning several weeks worth of email, I will try again.


Elle from Spell has let us know that the jars are 5gram jars, just a unique shape.  They are actually some of my favorite, and there is a TON of product in there!!
Overall: /5


10 Responses to “Spell Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. I just swatched all of my Spell eye shadows today, so I’ll be getting that up soon.

    I really do love their eye shadows. to me, Triple Strand seems different from glass Slipper. Triple Strand appears a lot more pink to me, while Glass Slipper is a sparkly white.

    Glad that you’ve given them a chance 😉

  2. Thanks for mentioning the member discount – their prices seemed a little high for me, and I wasn’t sure how much I’d be paying $9 a jar for. What is the jar size, anyway? Closer to the “5 gram” size, or closer to the “10 gram” size? I couldn’t find that information on the site.

    • That is something I’ve emailed about in the past, but again, I’ve gotten no reply.

      I’m pretty sure it’s just a 5gm jar, it’s just a different shape them the ones I’m used to working with.

      I have emailed them again, so we’ll see if I ever get a reply. If not, I’m going to have to change my review to reflect I don’t recommend them. This basic info should be available.

      • Their jars are that square shape and I can’t tell if they’re bigger capacity than the 5 gram round jars or not.

        In the past when I’ve emailed them I’ve heard. I saw the thing you mentioned about their email being down.

        I’ll send a message too and see if I get a response.

  3. Did you get a reply?

    I have bad experince with this company. I ordered last November and in December I got the package. The bad thing was that Wet&Set was broken and some pigments were wet, some damp and some were ok. I of course mailed them immediately with picture and got answer right away. They promised to re-send to package.

    I never received anything so I contacted then again this week, I wasn’t angry, I was just wondering if I have had the worst possible luck… The answer I got was unbelievable! They said that they won’t send me pigment replacements because “Wet & Set is packaged separately to preserve the shadows in case of a break and the shadows are safety sealed. Thank you for your patience.” Yep, the shadows were sealed but try soaking & shaking in plastic bag with liquid for a few weeks! Do they really think I’m a liar? Did they even resend me the package in December? From their answer I got the idea that they didn’t. :-O

    They have now resent the wet&set but I don’t think I’ll never want to use it.

  4. I have had a terrible experience with this company. I ordered products in Dec and now it’s Feb and STILL have not received them. I contacted them to issue me a refund and no refund. So I contacted my bank to issue me a refund. And then they sent my product but after 2months which now I really don’t want it. I have called them and no reply. They are not a very good company when it comes to shipping and communication.

  5. If I had a buck for each time I came here… Amazing writing!


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