Stargazer Lipsticks – A Review

Stargazer was established in 1978 with the opening of a stall in the Great Gear Market in the Kings Road London. Kings Road was the centre of the punk fashion in London at the time and it was this attitude towards colour and the outrages that moulded many of the company’s ideas behind the ranges that we produce. We are still based in the UK, in Croydon on the outskirts of London.

In the 1980’s Stargazer began to expand in to the department stores trying to bring the colours we produced to a wider audience. Then in the late 1980’s we started to slowly produce the products ourselves. Where now we produce the majority of the products in-house.

Until the present day where we have expanded, to include many products that we did not start of with, in an effort to offer a wide range of cosmetics and hair colouring products with a wild, colourful and in your face feel to them.

When I lived in London I used to wear nothing but Stargazer lipstick.  They were cheap, only a pound and a few back then, and they came in so many different colors.  Mostly, though, I stuck to black and bright pink.

Recently while researching possible color matches for another review I was reintroduced to the line.   I wasn’t surprised to see they still have a huge selection and were still really well priced.  So many people have asked for a US equivalent to this UK brand.  I’m not sure I can name one, they are not quite MAC but not quite Wet and Wild.  Someplace in between would lie a quirky long standing and reputable brand.  No US drug store brand I can think of quite compares.

While they make a vast line of products, I’m going to focus on the lipsticks today.


Stargazer lipsticks come in a plain, somewhat shiny, black tube with the company name printed in script along the base.  Often when you order they will arrive in generic individual boxes with a circle in the bottom to show the tubes color, but mostly I’ve received them loose.

The tube itself, while not totally high end, is still well made.  I’ve had one in my bag for a while and it hasn’t cracked, where as my Wet and Wild one did, leaving me an unpleasant mess.

The lipstick is always well centered within the tube, making them neat and easy to use, they twist up easily and fluidly.  When they are pulled all the way down there is a little click letting you know the tube is locked into place.  The cap also snaps on tightly.


The formula has changed a little recently.  Some of the older lipsticks were a bit drying, but the new formula has much improved.  It’s creamy and rich.

The matte colors are seriously opaque.  Once over the lips is often enough.

Some of the shiny or more metallic shades might require another coat just for evenness.

I can apply the color and expect to be able to wear them most of the morning before I need a touch up.  They are by no means incredibly long wearing, but they don’t simply disappear like so many brands do.  I’ve most often worn them out in the evening, and they’ve lasted as long as I’ve needed them to.  I might reapply a little after I’ve been drinking or eating, but that can be said about most lipstick.


Stargazer comes in over 35 amazing and unexpected colors.  Some are more wearable, but their selection of unique, bright, punk, and Goth colors cannot be surpassed.

While I don’t have all 37, I do have 13.  From basic pinks, to bright neons, and then your basic black, these shades are bright and well pigmented.

From left to right : 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 111, 113, 115, 119, 122, 130, 132, 136

The opaque shades are very deep and very rich, the bottom row of swatches are the ‘opaques’.

My favorites are :



I’ve ordered successfully from the following eBay sellers:

Glitter Store 2

Rueda 99

Small Bald Man

Glitter Lipsticks

They also have available a range of Glitter Lipsticks. I don’t really think they should technically be called lipsticks, though, they are pure glitter in a clear fixative.  Unless you go over your lips a ridiculous amount of times you can’t get pure coverage with the glitter.

However, they do look nice applied over lipstick in place of a gloss.


Would I purchase Stargazer lipsticks again?  Most certainly.

  • While not a top end product such as MAC, MUFE, or Urban Decay, it’s certainly midrange and has a wide variety of colors..
  • Although available only in the UK, there are a ton of sources to order them (I get mine from eBay).  Even with shipping they are very responsibly priced.
  • Many of the colors are thick and creamy and just lovely to wear.
  • The saturation of the colors is wonderful, especially in the more unique shades.

One random commenter to this post will win a brand new tube of Stargazer 102, Bright Orange.  The name will be drawn via random generator on November 22nd.


40 Responses to “Stargazer Lipsticks – A Review”

  1. What Ebay sellers to you use to buy these? If you’ve got recommendations, I’ll be glad to have them. I think that I may need to give 103 a shot…

  2. I really like 102, 103, 104, 111, 130 and 136.

    • Ohhh, good choices!! I’m going to wear 136 tomorrow. It’s sooooooo pretty with a muted eye and black winged liner.

  3. Very nice! I see about…oh, 8 or so that I want. 🙂 Is #111 pure white, or does it have a bit of metallic sheen to it? I’ve been looking for a straight-up pure white lipstick for the longest time, and that looks pretty close in your swatch.

  4. Nice to know that they’ve reformulated them to be not so drying. I should give them another try sometime. I especially like the purples that you showed 🙂

  5. I’ve been wondering about Stargazer lipsticks for awhile now. I’m glad you did this review of them. They look really pretty. I was wondering if you know anything about the glitter lipsticks. They look really pretty too, but I don’t know if they go on well or what they look like on.

    • I have one of the glitter sticks. It’s JUST glitter with a fixative. I really don’t like them as just lipstick, but they look good on top of other things.

      I’ll swatch the one I have and post it to the review for you.

      • Thanks so much for the review!! They look nice, but maybe I’ll get a regular lipstick first and then try out a glitter. Thanks again!! =)

  6. How do these compare to Morgana Minerals? I ordered a set of samples from her before I saw the note at the top of the page that said only certain shades contain preservatives besides vitamin E (which isn’t as effective as typical preservatives). I know some people are concerned with potential side effects from preservative exposure (particularly parabens), but I’m a fan of not getting microbial infections from my make-up.

    • I really prefer Morgana’s to a lot of other lipsticks since I’ve tried them. I would say Stargazers are not quite that creamy.

      As long as you keep your lipsticks clean and disinfect them occasionally, I don’t see how you could have any problems.

      • I’ve been a little paranoid since my sister got a skin infection from a lip balm she bought at the farmer’s market this summer. She broke out in a peeling rash on her lips and around her mouth; it was painful and quite embarrassing. But I’ve seen Morgana’s lipstick video, and she’s cleaner than a lot of restaurant kitchens, so the chance of infection seems exceedingly slim. Besides, once I get my order, I’ll probably blow through it too fast to worry about microbes!

      • Eewwwwww. 😦

        Just dip it in some alcohol every now and then and you should be good!!

  7. 111, 104, 130, 132, and 136 look like the ones I’d like to check out. Thanks for the ebay seller recommendations, I think I’ll definitely look into getting my hands on some Stargazer. 🙂

  8. Wow! These are really bright and pretty! I especially like 102, 115 & 122! How would you say 115 goes on? (I think I have the correct number…the lilac shade) It looks gorgeous! I wish someone sold Stargazer in the US, although I did check out a few sellers and their shipping doesn’t seem too high.

    Does the glitter lipstick feel gritty on?

    • There is a pic of me in the 115 someplace around here.

      I think I paid under two pounds on shipping for the last batch of lipsticks I got and that’s still less then a flat rate mailer here in the US.

      Yes, the glitter is really gritty. It’s more of a cosmetic then a lipstick, IMO.

      • Oh its sooo perfect! I definitely need to get it!

        That is CHEAP for shipping from UK! I’ve been burned by Ebay a few times, but those sellers seem pretty reputable, especially if you have used them already.

        Yikes, no thanks. I hate gritty glitter on my lips, it drives me nuts!

  9. That orange is craaaaaazy.

  10. Love the orange and love the red one! I don’t feel comfortable with ebay, though x.x’

  11. I love them all. I need to start wearing lippies!

  12. they look really great! i rarely ever buy lipsticks as they are sooo expensive over here. a simple Maybelline lippy is $18.00 (about $14USD) and MAC lipsticks are a whopping $45!!! ($33.00USD) and that’s a tad out of my “struggling through the reccession self-employed budget”. Stargazer seems well within my means though, i’ll deffinitely look into ordering.


    • I can understand that! Here, the 7$ NYX lipstick simply turns to something around 30$ (R$60), because of the taxes and, of course, the fact the owner of the store wants to make some profit. And they make over 100% of profit. – So, it’s cheaper to buy online then buying at the Brazilian Nyx store x.x’
      (the calculation I have to make to know how much something will cost: product price X dollar prince (R$1,85) X 60% tax X owner profit)

      So, if I ever find an online store I can trust (not ebay ;__;) I’ll try to buy it online…

  13. I’ve been checking out Stargazer lipsticks ever since I discovered your blog (through your review on Lime Crime lipsticks)! I love that they don’t cost so much. This is kinda unrelated but what foundations are your favorite? Thanks. 🙂

    • In general I like full coverage, moisturizing, natural finish foundations. I tried to like mineral foundations and they are too dry and seem to cake. I know there are some very good ones out there, but I’m happier with a liquid.

      Right now I really like Clinique’s Even Better and Soft Finish foundations. I tried the MUFE Mat+ and all the other ‘high end’ foundations and was just really unimpressed.

  14. I’ve been looking for a really pretty “Barbie” pink – and 119 & 122 both look like they would be close to what I’ve been wanting – thanks for the review – I just may order me a couple!!! =D

  15. Thanks so much for reviewing these! I’ve been looking for a really bright, opaque orange — hopefully, I’ve found it!

  16. Aaaah I have such good memories of Stargazer! Their black lipstick was always the best in the days when I wore black lipstick regularly, and for a teen on a budget they were perfect. I recently used 111 as well and the coverage was surprisingly good for a white.

  17. I’m in love with those blues (:
    The glitter also looks cute. Do you have a picture of it on lips?

  18. It would bring me ecstasy to win this magnificent prize.

  19. So how does Stargazer stack up next to Barry M? I was looking for other reviews and I can’t ever tell if they were before the reformulation or after, because some complain of drying lipstick, & I reeeeally don’t want that. If there’s not a huge noticeable difference in formulation/color payoff, I’ll go with Stargazer…but it’s kind of one of those things that if I’m going to order it from overseas & wait for it to arrive, I want to make sure I’ll get something I like. Yanno?

  20. i really liked the colors of the stargazer blushes on the site. any idea where i could buy those? thanks!

  21. Thanks for this great post!
    I’m pleased to know the formula has changed and is a bit creamier now. I used to love all the colours, but hate how drying some of them were. Now i think i’ll check some out again!

  22. I’ve been wondering about Stargazer products. I own one loose pigment, which is nice but very comparable to TKB’s micas, which are far cheaper.

    I’ve been debating ordering some of the odd shades of lipstick that stargazer sells (I skipped MAC’s black shades, I just didn’t think it was worth the $ for something I’d wear a couple of times.) For anyone interested, I do believe you can order directly from Stargazer’s website, even in the US.


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