Orglamix – A Review

For more information about Orglamix, please read a comprehensive history of the company and it’s antics HERE.


I ordered from Orglamix on Etsy, which is easy to navigate and browse.  Etsy is an amazing place to shop and find hundred of amazing mineral makeup surprises.  Orglamix sells a wide variety of products such as shadows, foundations, blushes, and brushes.  I wanted to test them out (being as I’ve never purchased from them before) and only got a few shadows.  They were offering a birthday sale for three full sized eyeshadow of my choice for 10$.  Normally each shadow wound have been 3.99$.  I actually jumped out of my comfort zone and ordered some tropical sort of cheery colors.  Their color chart is full of brights, so it was hard to choose.

I ordered:





I placed my order on Etsy on November 10th and received it on Monday November 16.  The post office claims it was delivered on the 14th, but the mailman personally handed it to me this morning.  So much for DC#’s I guess.  So the shipping was quick!

My order arrived in a large bubble mailer.  Inside my shadows were bundled together in a cute black organza bag.  I also found my invoice (why some people don’t send you one, I don’t know) with a thank you note and three odd petals.  I still have a head cold but I assume they have some sort of perfume on them, sitting next to my cousin, Jessica, as I opened the envelope she could smell them.

Colors / Product

At first I was really confused about my order.  While I got the colors I had wanted, I wasn’t sure I got the actual sized product I was supposed to. I got one large sized jar of Eucalyptus and tiny jars of Citron and Pomegranate.

I sent a quick convo to the Etsy shop saying I think I got sample sizes.  They replied quickly and the conversation was very polite.  The reply was that these were in fact her full sized products and the larger one was a Pro sized item she shipped because she didn’t have any of the regular sized Eucalyptus in stock.

According to the ad for the items I purchased :

All Orglamix products are packaged in clear jars with a sifter and sold by weight, not volume (so you get more product). Size: 1g (0.04oz) in a 3 gram jar. Roughly a 1/2 Tsp = 1/2 gram. Compare Orglamix to Bare Minerals: Size: 0.02 oz, $13. Orglamix offers 2x the product for roughly 1/8 the cost. Safe for eyes,lips,face and nails.

I realize that a 3 gram jar is smaller then what seems to be the industry standard 5.  But when the sifter was removed there was shockingly little product in the little jar, which actually has a false bottom to it.

A normal 3gram jar weighs 5 actual grams with the sifter.  The jars I was sent from Orglamix appear to be a 5 gram jars, but as I mentioned, it has a false bottom making it a 3gram jar.  As I’ve previously posted a normal 5gram jar with a sifter weighs 7grams.

The full Orglamix jar with the product inside weighs 7grams.

The full jar.

Carefully removing the label and the product inside the empty Orglamix jars weighed 7grams.

Empty Jar

Weighing the removed product in a small baggies (the baggie is placed on the scale and zeroing it out to remove that weight before filling it) the product weighed 0grams.  It wasn’t even enough for my scale to register it as a full gram.


The actual product.

I have sample bags from other companies that weigh 1gram.

The colors were very soft and pretty, but not quite as vibrant as the chart.

From left to right: Eucalyptus, Pomegranate, and Citron

Although they are pure mica they need to be applied with a base for best wear and to get the most out of their colors.


Would I buy from Orglamix again?  Probably not.

  • The amount you get is tiny.  I would have to buy the ‘Pro’ sized jar to get the amount I am most accustomed to on Etsy (such as from Mixology) and those are a tad too pricey for me at 10$.
  • The product is straight mica, when they mentioned it being ‘formulated without’ and then a list of items, I mistakenly assumed it was blended on a base.  The label on the jar simply states ‘mica, may contain titanium dioxide‘ as an ingredients.

Is it possible that my scale just isn’t sensitive enough to have weighed the actual amount of product you receive from Orglamix?  Entirely.  However, it’s still what in my eyes would constitute a sample sized amount and not 1 full gram.  In my opinion I’m paying 3.99$ for something I could easily get elsewhere for 1$ amount wise.

Overall: /5


21 Responses to “Orglamix – A Review”

  1. Ive ordered from Orglamix. I thought I got samples sizes too but I didn’t say anything because I was afraid to. The colors are nice but don’t really stay on, so I have to use them wet, and then they don’t blend.

  2. Isn’t this the lady from Etsy who makes her stuff in her daughters playroom?

    If you read that article you can see she’s not even in a sterile environment or anything. That’s so unsanitary I would never order from there anyway.

  3. I swear I’d cry if I received so little in an order…. x.x”’
    but at least the colors look pretty ó.o”’

  4. If you’re looking for quantity (and a huge range of colours) I’d go for TheAllNaturalFace on etsy. The woman who runs it is lovely and always sends about a dozen or so bags of sample shadows and I’ve had free full size primers and sprays in the past!
    She also does the ‘3 jars for $8’ kind of deal so it’s worth checking her out, especially with the amount of swag I always get.
    One thing I can’t reccomend by her is the eyeshadow primer which is just damn awful. The shadows are lovely and blend easily though. I’ve heard good things about the foundation and I can attest to the ‘fix it’ spray being very handy and good value. The bottle is huge and I use it everday.

  5. Geez, why even bother making makeup at all if you’re going to sell it by the pinch?

    Also, I’ve read a lot of pain-in-the-butt things about Orglamix. Crossed them off my to-buy list a long time ago. The green/white looks pretty though. :/

    • I like to give everyone a fair shot, you know?

      It is actually a really pretty color. It was hard to get it as intense on my lid as it was in the jar, though. But after a few layers it was stunning!!

  6. Those ARE tiny tiny amounts of product. Eesh. Honestly, one of the reasons I’m so wary about buying makeup online is because I am so bad at visualizing what one gram or three grams or whatever actually looks like, and sometimes get disappointed.

    And this has nothing to do with anything, but are those your shoes in your gravatar?! and if so, pray tell, where did you get them?

  7. I won’t purchase from her after what she did to Phyrra. Keep your eyes peeled for a C&D!

    (Though I will admit, the cap on the larger jar is quite pretty.)

  8. Wow, I had no idea you’d reviewed TheAllNaturalFace before, thanks!

    Any idea on a dupe for that Pomegranate though? The more I look at it the more I feel I need it in my life..

  9. I just wanted to comment on Orglamix’s statement below:
    “All Orglamix products are packaged in clear jars with a sifter and sold by weight, not volume (so you get more product). Size: 1g (0.04oz) in a 3 gram jar. Roughly a 1/2 Tsp = 1/2 gram. Compare Orglamix to Bare Minerals: Size: 0.02 oz, $13. Orglamix offers 2x the product for roughly 1/8 the cost. Safe for eyes,lips,face and nails.”

    1/2 tsp. DOES NOT even “roughly” equal 1/2 gram. I just weighed a small baggie on my scale. I zeroed it out then measured out 1/2 tsp. of *anonymous* mineral eyeshadow, placed it in the baggie and re-weighed. My scale registered 1/2 tsp. of product (granted, it was not Orglamix) as ONE FULL GRAM EXACTLY (my scaled measures to the tenths). If Orglamix has a close molecular weight to the shadow I weighed, she should be giving you at least half a teaspoon to equal one gram. The amount on the scale looked to be closer to 1/4 tsp…or less. It’s a little ludicrous to say they are sold by weight if she’s not even aware of what they actually weigh! And there’s NO WAY Bare Minerals gives you less product than Grey showed on her scale. That’s just redonkulous. <—Haha…my new word-of-the-day. However, if she is just selling mica with no fillers, is there a chance that the product is indeed that lightweight? Either way, it seems like a really small amount of product for anyone, in good conscience, to call a full-size.

    • I was completely stumped by their ‘math’ anyway.

      I think it was Elle from Spell who said all shadows will be different weight/volume wise and the only way to be consistent is to just FILL THE JAR.

      There was just a sad little amount of shadow.

  10. Yeah I purchased from her, and yes they are the same as TKB sells, sad thing is so was the all natural face, but I believe her foundations are handmade, at least the samples looked good to me, Its lots of money wasted when I could get it so cheap at the wholesalers just use a primer with them is good!