A Little Lolita

I found these shoes searching for something on eBay and they came up on accident. I looked at them, then moved on.

About a week later I was still thinking about them.  They were a brand I’ve never heard of, and even Googling it, it wasn’t much help.  I’m one for GOOD shoes, I routinely shop Zappos just because I’m itching for something in particular.  As I sat looking at the auction I began to think of a million different things in my closet I could wear them with, and I bought them.  The seller, Chic Shoe Closeouts is right here in LA and they shipped via UPS, so my shoes arrived quickly.  I immediately pulled out my net thigh highs and pranced around my living room for a while.  They are not all that well padded inside like a well made heel is, but there is no denying they are adorable.  They also come in a bunch of other colors as well, but this grey/purple color is very me.

Right away I remembered my black buckle belt from Forever 21.  I wore a similar one that laced on Halloween, but this one seemed to just work better.  I love Forever 21 just for their selection of belts.  They are all faux leather and most of them under 10$, so they are very affordable.

Actually I’m going a little crazy, I was just pulling up that link to post it here and realized they have a ton of new belts I want.

They are fairly well made as long as you’re wearing them for looks and not to actually keep your pants on.  I often wear this one over a dress shirt untucked with either ripped jeans or a fishtail skirt.  It’s always one extreme to the other with me.

Next I began to search Etsy for a few new accessories.  While there were SO many amazing things I found, I settled on two that would not only work for this look, but would also work into my wardrobe easily.

The first thing I stumbled upon were these utterly amazing hair combs from Ghost Love Jewelry.  (I first read about Ghost Love from Haute Macabre, one of my favorite sites, the link is over there —-> in the sidebar.)  Her items are very well made and a more high end then what I was actually looking for.  But paging through her items (she has several different style collections) I saw these combs and had to have them.  I ordered them on November 7th, and they arrived within days well packaged.  They are very carefully crafted and much more stunning in person.  If I have the occasion, I certain will be purchasing more of her work.

The ring I purchased from Zambi Candy.  I ran across her listings from someone on Twitter, I’m so sorry I don’t remember who.  But the minute I saw this ring I wanted it.  I ordered it on November 10th and received it this past weekend, so shipping was very quick.  I was weary about purchasing another ring, one that I had ordered previously (from another seller) arrived broken, but this was very well packaged and included a little candy treat.  I love it, it’s very adorable.  I would recommend Zambi Candy, she has a lot of really cute and inexpensive accessories you can add to your collection.

I wanted to keep the makeup fairly intense and Gothic.  I pulled together a variety of purples and greys.

I did my basic foundation on my face and then used a combination of things on my eyes.  For a base I used Kryolan’s Cream Base in Anthracite, which I purchased on eBay from Shrinkle.  She’s such a sweetie, very sincere, and she has great customer service, replying to questions quickly and shipping almost overnight on most occasions.  I do order from her often and I’ve never had a reason to complain.  I’m really excited about her new makeup line.

I also used my Jemma Kid i-conic eyes Rockstar liner, I know I’ve posted about it before, I still love it.

I didn’t want too intense of a black liner because I was using some G2 Loose Shadow in Sing the Sorrow, which is a matte black base with a purple duochrome and purple sparkles.  I’m really pleased with the formulation on this shadow, I used a wax coated base and it wears like crazy.

From left to right : G2 StS, Kryolan Anthracite, Jemma Kid Rock Star, NYX Black Label in Seductive

Basically I applied the base all over the lids, careful not to get into the crease.  Then I applied the StS to the lid, smoking it up just a tad into a cat eye before lining only the water lines in grey.  I found a pair of amazing demi lashes by Sonia Kashuk at Target.  I prefer the demis because of my eye shape and these wing out longer at the end adding to the cat eyed effect.

For the lips I picked NYX’s Black Label in Seductive, a very amazing purple.  I love NYX lipsticks, they are so affordable, you can order them all over the web.

Over all I realize this isn’t all that Gothic Lolita, but it’s my own small interpretation.  I got those shoes stuck in my head and just went crazy with the look.

I couldn’t help myself, I recently got a pretty crazy pair of pumps at Hot Topic that I’m also creating a while style trend around for an upcoming post.


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  1. Those shoes are adorable!

    • I love them. LOVE them, but they were so inexpensive I have this fear they are going to fall apart.

      They have them in so many other colors, too, I might get some in red.

      • hm, well then referring to my comment down there: i don’t know how familiar you are with demonia, but i have only good things to say about their shoes. the pair of shoes that survived me longest is by them. both the soles and the, uhm, i don’t know the english word, “top parts” are of very good quality. they only have them in three colours, though, but one of those is red! 😉

  2. I agree. If I wasn’t saving my money for a certain legal defense fund, I might consider them. Heh.

    This entire post is very inspiring. Off to click the links…

    • You are awesome.

      Have fun with the links, I was so distracted with them myself that post took way too long to write 😉

  3. Beautiful shoes! I too can’t wait for shrinkle’s makeup line!

    • Thanks!

      I’m excited too, I actually talked to someone who got a sample at the Hello Kitty event in LA not too long ago, and she was impressed!!

  4. LOVE the shoes! ^^
    I’ve been staring at those etsy acessories, hoping somone at Brazil would do something similar! There are so many gorgeous things!
    NYX seductive lipstick is stunning! Sadly they cost 2 or 3 times more than they are supposed to at the Brazilian stores and NYX english website does not ship here….

    I wonder if they have this kind of shoes in green or red, if they do I’m soooo going to save up to buy them in the middle of next year *-*

  5. An adorable pair of shoes. I used to see the exact same type all over the stores in LA back when I was living there, and I’ve always loved them, but the lack of quality tended to give me pause, so I never bought a pair.

    And Ghost Love Jewelry is definitely going on my favorites list on Etsy.

    • They are sort of on the lower end quality wise, but too adorable to pass up.

      I have so many Etsy shops in my favorites, I’m slowly working through them.

  6. I love Sing the Sorrow, but I can’t find that eyeshadow anywhere! Where did you get it?

    • I made it!!

      I’ll send you a little jar.

      • HA that would explain it huh? Totally went over my head! That would be incredible, is there anything I could do in return? I may have to draw you a pretty picture or something, whether you like it or not! =D

      • You made that shadow? Damn! Hot!
        I want to buy a jar of it!

      • I didn’t make very much, but I’ll send you both a little jar.

        And I like pretty pictures!!

      • It’s final, I’ll draw you something! I can mail you the original if you want, as well.

      • That’s so awesome that you made it! I was actually thinking when I saw it, “Sing the Sorrow, that’s an AFI album. That’s awesome that there’s a company that names products after AFI!” Didn’t realize it was YOUR company, of course. I know you’ve said before that you don’t sell your e/s online, but I’m just sayin’, you know you’d have a built-in customer base if you decided to. 😉

      • All my colors are based on AFI songs. Strip for Me, Dancing Through Sunday, Bleed Black…

        StS is THE album.

  7. I have those shoes in the all black I got from charlotte russe awhile ago. I love them because I can actually walk in them! Seeing how you accesorized them makes me wish I had that colorway instead!

  8. ARGH! Why did I click on the links?!?! Now I am sitting here itching to buy some stuff! 🙂

    Those shoes are very cute and I took a look at the red shoes, since I go kinda crazy for anything red and they are super cute too.

  9. i LOVE the shoes! they do remind me of a model by demonia: http://black-impressions.de/images/b143ros.jpg http://black-impressions.de/images/b143b.jpg http://black-impressions.de/images/b143rot.jpg i do prefer the soles and heels of yours, though ❤

  10. I first saw those shoes (in red) being worn by Revel for Retroscope Fashions, and I wanted them sooo bad. But since you have them, and I hope you don’t mind me asking – how’s the toe room? I have US10 feet with bunions, so I need a little more room in the front.

    Those shoes really are gothic lotita IMO, and I love them in pewter, red and champange 🙂

    • I have a funny big toe from dancing for so many years, so I get it. The toe room in these are generous. I can wiggle my toes around a little and the angle of the heel isn’t so dramatic that the toes get wedged down into the shoe.

  11. I really adore your blog—-the content, the style, and your personal flair. Everything is simply fantastic. =]

    I have those heels in ivory and black. And after reading this I am jonesing for those hair combs! My paycheck can’t come soon enough (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentally spent it by now).

    • Thank you so much for your compliments!!

      I’m pretty sure I’ve spent all my paychecks for the next few years. I’m soooooooooooo bad.

  12. I like your interpretation of GothLoli much better than the “standard,” or maybe I’m just bored by the rigid prescriptions of “true” EGL. Out of curiosity, what outfit would you wear with all these accessories?

    • I’m actually not even sure what the ‘standard’ description is, although I know there is usually some argument going on over on LJ about it.

      I actually wore it with jeans and a white V neck T. Nothing all that fancy. But I am looking for a dress that would work.

  13. I have those shoes in white!! I bought mine from ebay too for like $20 but they are still in 1 piece! Maybe because I haven’t worn them too often…they hurted mah feeties 😦

  14. I’ve seen those shoes in red and green, but never that beautiful purple/grey colour, they are lovely! And those hair combs! Thank to you I’ve got about 10 more things on my christmas wishlist!

  15. Wow! These shoes are beyond adorable ! And I love the style you created around it, you’ve done a wonderful styling job ! I too love your blog and I look forward to more awesome posts.

    PS : Actually your pumps remind me of the Balmoral shoes (http://wirelessdigest.typepad.com/shoewawa/2004/12/the_shoe_of_the.html)
    that came out a few years ago – they were so beautiful and came in many different colours, the red being my fave at the time, but they were obviously way too pricey.

  16. That ring is gorgeous! The colors are amazing, i am putting the lipstick on my list!

  17. This is such a cute set of accesories. They all go really well with each other. I’d love to see it all put together. =) I’m really digging that ring and the NYX Seductive Lipstick.

  18. Love the shoes! I have a pair of those in baby pink.. They’ve lasted me over a year so far..

  19. That’s it, I’m buying that NYX lip shade next time I order from that company (or Cherry Cultures, sales depending).

    • I’m keeping my eye out for another Charry Culture sale myself.

      • My only problem with Cherry Culture is that their NYX selection is pretty limited, even the Black Label line, which is why I hope there will be something like a storewide sale on NYX’s website in the next month or two, there are some shades I can’t get anywhere else.

  20. Have you tried shopcraze? That’s where I bought 85% of my NYX that I couldn’t find in stores.

  21. Those shoes are so pretty! Unfortunately I’m half sasquatch so they’d never come in my size. XD They look great on you, though!