Pretty in Pink

Here are a few of my favorite pink things!!


MAC’s Amplified Cream in Girl About Town

This is a beautiful deep and bright fuchsia shade in MAC’s totally amazing, creamy, rich, opaque and moisturizing formula.  I got this one last time I returned empties to the MAC counter for their Back to MAC program.  It is my go to pink lipstick.  I have a tube and then a spare, just in case.  There are a lot of similar colors out there, but none compare to MAC for wear and opacity.


MAC’s Dazzleglass in Funtabulous

I’m not sure if this really qualifies as a pink.  But it’s bright and glittery and wears so amazingly over SO many different lipsticks.  I do often wear it over Girl About Town and it intensifies the bright pink color of the lipstick.  I don’t think it’s part of any Limited Edition collection, so I assume it’s available year round.  I’m very fair and it pops against my skin, and my cousin Jessica is perpetually tanned and it looks more of a Barbie pink gloss on her.  So it’s wearable for a lot of people!  Don’t let the bright color in the tube scare you away.

Eye Shadow

AL Rocks! Sonic Collection in Teenaged Kicks and Psycho Candy

I’m sorry, I couldn’t pick one, but these two are really similar shades.

teenagekicks: Rich pop of bright fuschia. blacklight reactive.

psycho-candy: Yummy hot fuschia with crystal sprinkles. blacklight reactive.sealant/base recommended.

The one is actually a matte unparkly version of the other.  Now, I agree, these are not for everyone.  I love to foil them over just my lid with some black liner and some falsies and be done.  The colors are so amazing they don’t need anything more fancy.


AL Rocks! Sonic Rouge in Breathless

breathless: Lush, clear bright pink.

A little goes a long way, but it’s a nice flush of true bright color.  I dont’ really care for the muted and ‘dusty’ colors and actually don’t wear blush often at all.  But this color gets a lot of wear these days.


Mickey Bead Stretchy Bracelet

I’m not really sure what to call this.  Looking at it it just looks like a funky pink beaded bracelet.  Upon closer inspection you’ll notice the beads are all little Mickeys with ears and all.  I have a few of these in black with various bead finishes (faceted and solid) but the pink gets the most wear.  I’m not sure where else to get them apart from DisneyLand (or the or the other Disney Parks), where I got mine.

Hair Thingie

Daria Japan Front Hair Guard

I received a few sets of them when I was ordering my 88 palettes from eBay.  I also forgot about them, but joking around one night pulled them out and stuck them in my hair.  They are literally just the hook part of a big piece of velcro, but they keep my bangs off my face.  I have very short ‘rockabilly’ bangs and clips just do not work, so when I’m exfoliating or using a mask these bugger come in handy!!


Hot Pink Fingerless Gloves

I occasionally have a condition called Raynaud’s Phenomenon due to a medication I take.  So I’m always wearing gloves and I cannot CANNOT sleep without socks.  I am always on the hunt for new gloves and ran across this listing on eBay.  They are cute little gloves, nice enough to wear around when I do my errands but not nice enough that if they get wear I’d be upset.  This seller shipped very quickly as well, so I do recommended him if you’re looking for something funky to keep your fingers warm!!

Nail Polish

OPI La Paz-Itively Hot

I can’t actually find a place online that sells it to link to that I can recommend, so just maybe go to Sephora and blame me when you walk out with more stuff then you intended to.  It’s a very clear beautiful pink.  It also comes in Matte, but I think I might hate Matte colors.  I love the Matte Top Coat, but actual Matte polish is impossible for me to get smooth.  But anyway, this is my default pink polish, it’s almost always on my toes if I’m not wearing black.


1/2 Inch Rose Quartz Stones

I got these when I first stretched my lobes up to 1/2 inch.  They were SO MUCH brighter then I thought they were going to be.  They are lovely and swirly and have an amazing real stone weight to them, not too heavy, but you know they are there.  I wish I wore them more often then I do, but I like to sleep in silicone tubes, so much more comfortable.  I’m just too forgetful to put them back in my ears after I shower!!

Hair Color

Special Effects in Cupcake Pink

Used to be the only place I could get this dye was in the UK, but I’ve since found a few places online in the states to order it.  This is the best, brightest, longest wearing pink I’ve found.  In general I apply it to my dry hair, let it sit for about an hour and a half and then rinse it out.  That one application keeps my hair BRIGHT and vivid for about two weeks before I have to touch it up.  Which anyone who colors such intense colors can attest to, is a good long time!


16 Responses to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. PINK!
    for a while I really hated pink, but I’m just starting to love it again. I really like bright hot pink. i’ll need to try out the sonic rocks pink eye shadows

    • I went through the same thing, hating pink. But for the past few years it’s been my thing.

      I love the Rocks! Sonic Shadows. Very bright and long wearing.

  2. I MUST get that MAC lipstick. I have Funtabulous and love it. The OPI pink nail polish I have is Kinky in Helsinki.

    Also, you should check out Aromaleigh BoilingPoint and Obsession. Those are two fun colors, as well 🙂

    • I think I have Boiling Point. I probably do 🙂 Isn’t it more purple?

      I love the OPI names…

      • It’s more of a magenta shade, yes 😉

        And Psycho-Candy was one of the first bright pinks I really fell for 🙂

  3. I think I might have a happiness seizure
    what a gorgeous photo!

    • I wish it was nicer out when I took the photo. I needed more light.

      But thanks, I was sqeeeing at all the pink.

  4. OH, I LOVE Psychocandy. It’s probably my favorite pink eyeshadow that I own (though I only have the sample, as of yet). I’m not big on pink polish, but I do have OPI’s You’re Such a Kabuki Queen. I also kind of want to make you a pair of fingerless gloves, now (only if you want them, of course). I crochet, and I’ve been looking for a new project to take up, and if you’re interested, this would be the perfect excuse for me to do so. 🙂

    • You know, I’m not going to stop you… 🙂

      • Shoot me an email (the address I use for commenting is the best way to reach me), and maybe we can work out if there’s a particular pattern you’d prefer. I hav ea few in mind that I think you’d like, but it’s easier if you’re choosing. 😉

  5. Special Effects is my favorite hair dye…no one sells it where i live, but i am always going to San Antonio and there is a store up i always have to stock up..

    I love all of your favorite pink items!

    • I have no idea if they sell it around here, I’m so lazy I order it.

      I was thinking of switching to Tide Pool next.

  6. I have that same pink nail polish. I bought mine at Their prices are great and shipping is fast. I also love MAC’s Girl about Town, love it so much that my blog web address is a play on the lipstick name.

    • For some reason I was reading your blog title TOTALLY wrong, but now I SO GET IT. I love that color.

      Thanks for the link!! I’m not afraid I’m going to have to go shop there…

  7. Beautiful beautiful pink!
    I just got Funtabulous last week and i’ve worn it nearly every day, it’s so beautiful and versatile. I have Girl About Town and love it, but sadly my tube of it went all melty and weird and i had to put it in a little pot.
    I love these posts of yours, you always make everything look so beautiful and classy 🙂