Sobe Botanicals – A Review


I found Sobe Botanicals on Etsy, however they also have an independent website.  As always, Etsy is fun and easy to navigate and ordering is a breeze.

On a whim I searched for ‘black lipstick’ and one of her listings came up.  Her listing was eye catching and packed full of information.  So often on Etsy you run across a listing that’s all of two paragraphs, but Sobe’s listing contained all the info about the product I might want.

I had mistakenly forgotten to pick a flavor on one of the items I ordered and Lex contacted me and asked.  We also discussed the coloring in the stain I ordered, she was thoughtful enough to ask about how I felt about including certain ingredients.  She was really friendly, sweet and very polite.

Her listings are very vegan friendly as well, which is always a major plus for me.

I ordered:

Da Balm Halloween Lip Butter in black with pumpkin flavoring

Cheek and Lip Stain Mineral Lipstick in Dolly


I ordered on November 7th and received my package on November 18th.  I suspect it took so long because she made them to order, which is awesome.


The package arrived in an unassuming bubble mailer.  When I opened it I found a cute little black bag inside tied with a ribbon.  Inside were my lippies, a personalized thank you,  and several generous sized samples of her mineral eye shadows.  It was original and thoughtful.

The lipsticks are in simple black tubes with a label.  Very sleek, which I appreciate.

Product / Colors

The Halloween Balm

I literally gasped when I put this on my lips.  The listing stated:

Back by popular demand-Limited edition Halloween Stix Lipstick to get into the “spirit” of the season. Soothing creamy lip butter FULL of butters with intense color & a hint of shimmer. Gives Amazing color payoff (more of a lipstick) & sheen while moisturizing & repairing your lips. Wonderful creamy feel & texture. VEGAN & Dye FREE!

And that’s not just advertising.  Right out of the tube I got one stroke opacity.

That’s literally one pass over my lips.  It goes on smooth and creamy and with a sweet pumpkin flavor.  It’s moisturizing and all natural.  It was only 5$ a tube.  If you’re interesting in a great, inexpensive introduction to black lipstick, RUN and get one of these before I buy them out from her store.  They come in several other ‘spooky’ colors, although I can’t say for sure they are as pigmented or not.

It wears like a balm, light, not heavy or sticky.  It’s shiny and beautiful and I love it.

The Stain

This is the perfect tube for in my purse.  It works as both a blush and a gloss if I need a little touch up.  I had asked her to use dye to get the brightest pink possible and WOW, she did.

It’s a very clear bright pink that’s just lightly sheer.  The formula is smooth and moisturizing.  On my cheeks it leaves a little stain and blends easily.


Would I order from Sobe again?  Yes, in fact I just did.  Twice.  Seems like whenever I go to look for links for reviews I end up shopping…

  • The two lip products I bought were amazing quality and far surpassed my expectations.
  • Although I haven’t tried their other products, I do really like the shadow samples she sent.
  • The customer service is amazing.  I get the impression it’s second nature to her to treat her customers well.

Overall: /5

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30 Responses to “Sobe Botanicals – A Review”

  1. Wow, the opacity of that black lipstick is amazing! And the pink is so pretty too. I’ve gotta check her out!

  2. Does it really taste like pumpkin? Wow.

  3. The black looks great. I am eyeing her gel liners, she has some nice colors and it is inexpensive.

  4. Ahhh this is so great! I ordered Da Balm Halloween lip butter in Monster mash (purple) with dracula’s blood flavoring and Frankenstein (green) with apple cider flavoring on Nov. 6th! I just bought it on a whim and I couldn’t find any reviews but the black looks amazing! Thank you so much for posting this.

  5. Thanks for the review! I’ve seen her on Etsy and was looking into her mineral foundations, as the reviews for it are excellent and almost everyone mentions how good her customer service is. This makes me feel more comfortable about purchasing from her.

  6. Oooh! I want that pink.

    • It’s really really pretty. Get it.

      • I placed an order.
        I would have, but she only had 1 of the cheek and lip stains up, so I ended up with Mademoiselle and Vamptress (couldn’t pass it up because of the name), but I would have nabbed Dolly too, if she’d had a 2nd one of those up.

  7. I wanted to let everyone know that she WILL do custom orders! I emailed her about making a purple-black for me and she said it’ll probably be ready to order by next week 😀 Yay!

  8. Shes sold out of the Halloween balm =[. Hopefully she’ll sell them next year! I was so ready to work up the nerve to try a black lipstick! Loving your blog Grey!!!

    • She mentioned to me she might be working on a line or darker colors, so maybe convo her and ask her if you can custom order one!!

  9. Oh no! The halloween balms are sold out now 😦 the bright coloures ones looked so beautiful! I’m very impressed by the opacity.

  10. Yay! I’m glad to see a review of Sobe Botanical because I’d been eyeing them on Etsy for a while now but was a bit unsure about them. I really enjoy reading your reviews, and am looking forward to more Etsy makeup company reviews. 🙂

  11. I want some of those stix soooo bad! She sold out before I had the chance. I can’t believe that black was achieved with one stroke. Lust, lust, lust. I think (know, actually) I will take full advantage of the custom order option.

  12. Thanks for the review! I just ordered the green, “Frankenstein” color. I hope the color is as bold & bright as your pink & black.

  13. This is way better than a brick & mortar estasblihmnet.


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