NYX Glitter on the Go

I was recently asked to review some of NYX’s Glitter on the Go.  I had purchased a few of these some time ago, but they were tossed under the sink in the reject pile.

I pulled them out this morning and sat for a while, seeing if I could revise my first impressions of them and maybe give a little review.


They come in little square jars.  Initially there is a sifter insert on the top, keeping the fine glitter all inside.  Once removed, however, and each time you open these little bugger they become glitter bombs.  I threw the sifter away from the first one I opened before I realized this.  Actually, it’s not so much a sifter as a little piece of thin plastic shaped to be a lid.  I would totally recommend keeping it on the top of the jar and not tossing it.

The jar hold an good deal of product, according to the label it’s 2 grams.  Since the glitter is fine, it’s a lot.

Product / Colors

I have Las Vegas and Dream.

Las Vegas is a multi colored glitter, mainly teals, blues and greens.  When in a pile the colors sort of all blend together into a forest green.  When on a thin coat over the skin you can better see the color break down.

Dream is a soft pink with iridescent sparks.

I have no idea how you’re supposed to affix this to your skin.  Reading a few sites I see they suggest Fix+ or some other fixative.  I had originally used UDPP, however, It’s NOT eye safe.  I found this out the hard way trying to use it on my brow, only to have it fall like a million jagged razor blades into my eyes.

After a little while of wearing the pink dusted on my cheeks it was so irritating and scratchy I brushed it all off.

The glitter itself is very fine and seems like a soft dust, but when it on your skin for any period of time you quickly realize that it’s just plastic.

I see this is actually an older product and NYX now offers several cream and gel options with the fixative included in the product. This would probably greatly increase the wear of the glitter and keep it scratching.


Would I purchase NYX Glitter on the Go again?  No.  I’m tossing it back under the sink.


9 Responses to “NYX Glitter on the Go”

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to review this, Ms. Grey 🙂
    You’ve saved me a ton of trouble.

  2. Break out the construction paper and glue sticks!

  3. Ugh, yeah, I have two of their glitters on the go (Las Vegas, and some green one), and I’ve used each of them a grand total of once (though they still sit in my makeup box), because of the mess they create whenever I open them (and I kept the “sifter” in, even!).

  4. I love glitter, but always find it such a hassle to put on and wear comfortabley. I do like the colour of the pink one though. Very pretty.

  5. Ah, yes, that stuff. It looks so gorgeous but is a damned mess compared to their other loose glitters. It also hasa blotchy application. I have three of those and the jars are not all that secure. I think Splash glitters are a safer bet.