100,000 Orders

Recently, Kristen from Aromaleigh announced they were very close to making their 100,000th sale.

The number is staggering.  It would mean you’d have to place one order a day every day for the next 274 years.

Breaking it down over the roughly ten years AL has been in business that’s:

10,000 orders a year

833 orders a month

208 orders a week

30 orders a day

I had the incredible fortune to place the 100,000th order.  I was sitting in my car in traffic on the 805 and checked my email.  Someone had posted a comment here stating that Shadow Witch was now permanent, which was in reply to a little conversation we’d been having back and forth about me regretting not getting it while I could.  So sitting in my car I sat and placed a quick order.  The traffic finally started moving again and I almost didn’t hit send.  But I did.

It was a little while later I actually heard from Kristen.  She was understandably excited, as was I.  I truly feel like it’s a hallmark of a successful company.  I know I started out on the other end, thinking I wasn’t too pleased with Aromaleigh, but I’ve become a faithful customer because her products are so amazing and getting to know Kristen personally I appreciate the way she runs her business, honestly and sincerely.

I received my order today as well as a combination thank you/care package and was floored at her generosity.

Congratulations on 100,00 orders and thank you so very much!!


32 Responses to “100,000 Orders”

  1. Awww, she sent you some great stuff! That’s so awesome!

    • She sent SO much. So many LE colors that I’m just giddy over.

      Plus a RED and a LIME GREEN. Someone knows me well 🙂

  2. Was the lime green Cricket? And which red? I think Cricket is pretty 🙂

  3. Ah lucky you! I’m a little jealous haha… I just placed my first order with her yesterday evening. I can’t wait to try it all out, and I’m already surfing around her site for more! Your blog is definitely the reason behind me checking out her site so while my girlie side thanks you, my bank account does not. x_x lol grats to you and enjoy the goodies!

    • I apologize to your bank account. Mine isn’t too fond of me as well. But I hope you take my word when I assure you you’re supporting a wonderful company!

  4. I am thrilled to see this post! You and Kristen have selflessly done so much for the MMU indie world, particularly lately. (But not just lately.) So I get a real kick out of this example of good karma.

    Hee hee, I will now make it all about me for a second. I feel like a freakin’ soothsayer. Didn’t I post a comment earlier this week, on this very blog, “what comes around goes around.”?!? Enjoy your treats, and know that this couldn’t have happened to a better person (and from a better company/owner, too.)

    I hope you will post some looks from this haul when you have time. XO Kate

    • You are a little clairvoyant!! I was overwhelmed.

      I am hoping to post some swatches, but I have so so so much to do this week for the Holiday, I hope you’re patient!!

  5. Congrats, Grey! I think you deserve it, considering how much time and money you and several other beauty bloggers put into researching different independent makeup companies. I will fully admit to also being jealous, though, especially at those 24/7 liners! 😉

  6. Congratulations!! I’m a little jealous, but at the same time, really happy for you too 🙂 Enjoy your makeup!

  7. Yay! How appropriate that it happens to such an awesome beauty blogger! 😀

    A question, though, how big would you say AL sample baggies are? I’m thinking of getting some and tipping them into 3g jars, and I have absolutely no concept of how much a fraction of a teaspoon is in powder.

    • They weigh somewhere around one gram, maybe less. Usually two samples are enough for a little bit in 3gram jar, but one probably isn’t enough. Most of her shadows are blended fine enough that a little goes a long way, though.

  8. Oh my goodness, you’re really lucky. I mean wow, I’d love to play with those colors! Congratulations 🙂

  9. Omg lucky! =D Have you tried their automatic/retractable eye liners? I’m kind of on the fence..I love using MAC’s technakohl in photogravure..

    • I haven’t. I most purchase her mineral products, so I’m sorry I can’t say.

      You might check her forums to see what the reviews are like, though.

    • I think those are private label (meaning she doesn’t make them). I haven’t tried them but I know a lot of girls on the forums do like them.

  10. Congratulations! ^^ Aromaleigh is such a great company! I placed another order there today! (and I’m not buying anything make-up related until july 2010 hahaah)
    I’m so in love with her eyeshadows and other products!

    Congrats to you, placing the order, and to Aromaleigh! Yay!

  11. Congratulations! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady! 🙂

  12. Hey Grey,

    Being busy because of Thanksgiving plans is good, as long as you are not overwhelmed. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. That goes for everyone else who posts comments/follows the comments.

    The holidays can be a lonely time, too. God knows, I have had my season of holiday seasons when I felt like a rudderless ship. So good vibes to all… Kate 🙂

  13. Hi Grey! I’m so glad you received your package so fast and are happy! I was so tickled when I saw the 100,000th order come through on my iphone and then said, “Hey- I know this customer, and she’s really cool, too!!!”.

    I know you’ve been through a lot lately… so an extra special care package was necessary! I’m glad you like the color I picked for you, and the non-AL goodies are always fun as well!

    Take care and thank you SO much for being my 100,000th customer! That number was really monumental for us to reach, but even more overwhelming considering that most of those orders have been in the last 6.5 years as it wasn’t until 5/2002 that we got “discovered” online as a source for MMU. Ever since then, it’s been a blur. Last thing I remember, I was 28…

    Going to 250k…


  14. Congrats on your amazing prizes! Hope you have fun with them. I just placed my very first Aromaleigh order last week, and I can’t wait to receive my haul.

  15. Cricket is a totally gorgeous colour. My absolute favourite is Trillium though, if I can’t get my hands on more of that I’m going to go insaaaane.

    Congratulatttiioooonsss! I’m glad it was you, especially since you went right from disliking them to loving them. I’m going to wear some of my Rocks today :3

    • I loooooooove Cricket. I was wearing Forget Me Not all day, it’s from the Spring Solstice line and is a metallic teal.

      I’m going to have to go look up Trillium now…

  16. wow, congrats! I love AL, been shopping there for a little over a year and a half (will be 2 years in March/April). It’s been so much fun discovering new favorite colors and has really helped me step out of my comfort zone.

    Congrats again, and enjoy all your goodies! That’s one awesome care package.

  17. Trillium was from Spring Solstice, too, it’s like an amazing mint seafoamy-green. OmgIloveit.

  18. Ooh I have forget-me-not, that is totally pretty, little more metallic than Trillium. I swatched a bunch of my favourites but then I forgot which was which so I never uploaded it, ahaha.


    Pretty sure trillium is the mint green on the 3rd row. I think the top-left is Rocks! Just-Like-Heaven. I can probably work them out if there’s any you really like from that bunch – or Kristen might recognise them XD